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Monthly Archives: September 2016

September 27th SCRLC Webinar – Librarians in the 21st Century: Designing a Career Strategy for Evolving Roles and Opportunities

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Back to School – Upcoming Webinar on September 27th


Join us and the South Central Regional Library Council (SCRLC) on Tuesday, September 27 at 10-11am EST for a webinar –

Librarians in the 21st Century: Designing a Career Strategy for Evolving Roles and Opportunities.

As the information world transitions into the 21st century, so too must information professionals. For anyone making a transition, whether you are a recent library school graduate, job hunting, changing jobs or advancing your career, this session will cover the evolving roles and opportunities in the information profession, what this means for librarians, and how to design a career strategy to keep your skills current with the shifting profession.

For more info and to register.

Romper Room for Mini Guests

Traveling with a mini-me has proven to be tricky especially in hotels. We’ve stayed at a boutique hotels, at chain hotels, at inns, cottages, you name it. Yet none of these places are exactly child-proof or child-friendly, even the ones advertising themselves as a family place.

hotelWe finally stayed at a hotel in downtown Toronto that had amenities for mini guests & their harried parents. This Kids Zone Room allowed us to rest while our little one played & romped off his excess energy before boarding our flight home.

A simple amenity but one that has a big and lasting impact for user/customer experience. In the future, I will be calling ahead to see if a hotel has a romper room for mini guests.

Monthly Method Spotlight: Brain Writing

Brain Writing



  • When there are many individual problems that require solutions.
  • When a group needs a lot of ideas in a short period of time.
  • When there are several shy people in the group.
  • When ideas need to flow freely.

How: Have a group of people write their idea or question on their own sheet of paper.  Rotate the sheets to different people and build off what the others wrote on their paper. Continue until everyone has written on everyone else’s sheet.

Tips: Keep the group small (6-8 people). At the end of the session collect the ideas and organize using other Monthly Method ideas like: dot-voting, card sorting, task and error analysis, etc.

Interested in using/applying these methods in your work? Contact us for information.