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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Austin Public Library

john faulk central libraryWhile on a trip in Austin, Texas, I stopped in at the John Henry Faulk Central Library. I found the entrance to be underwhelming and it took several moments for me to orient myself when I walked through the doors. (The entrance and layout will be improved with the planned construction.) Once my library sense kicked in I went exploring.

john faulk reading listsThe book shelves were chock full of books, no over-weeding here. Some book shelves contained nicely displayed book lists for various genres and interest. The audio and CD section has a box for patron suggestions. The graphic novel/manga collection is the best of any library I’ve visited. This collection contained the basics as well as the canons and highly desired titles by avid graphic novel/manga fans.

water in a canThe weirdest part of my visit: 60¢ water in a can. – I applaud the library for “Keeping Austin Weird”

Some additional noteworthy items about the Austin system:

  • The Lego Lab program
  • Children and Young Adult lumped under Youth Services
  • On their website, under My APL tab there is a page for Ignored Users – I wonder what that means.
  • Austin Public Library boasts a separate building for recycled books and other items for sale.

recycled reads

Our Philly & ALA Midwinter 2014 List

ALA midwinter 2014Are you heading to ALA Midwinter 2014 in Philly?

Sessions and events to check out:

  • American Library Association (ALA) Emerging Leaders Meetup on Friday, January 24 at 7-9pm  at Field House, 1150 Filbert Street
  • The Interview – Getting Ready for the Show on Saturday, January 25 at 3-4:30pm from the Library Career People (Susanne Markgren and Tiffany Eatman Allen) in the Job Placement Center, Convention Center
  • 10th Annual Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Diversity and Leadership Programs Reception on Saturday, January 25 at  6:30-8:30pm at 1 Logan Square
  • Interested in serving youth with disabilities? Joint Book Launch Celebration on Monday, January 27 at 10:30-11:30am from authors Carrie Banks and Barbara Klipper in the Networking Uncommons, Convention Center. (We heard there may be some homemade cookies.)

When you’re taking a break from the conference, we recommend:

What’s on your list for Philly and ALA Midwinter 2014?

2014 METRO Annual Conference Recap

metropolitan new york library council logoThe 2014 METRO Annual Conference kicked off with a keynote presentation by Jessamyn West where she talked about libraries, information, technology, and projects like the Open Library. The rest of the day consisted of 30-minute project briefing sessions with many opportunities to meet and connect with colleagues.

Some highlights:

NYPLarcade is like a book discussion, but for video games. It’s about promoting game literacy.

NYPL TechConnectNYPL TechConnect program offers technology classes in over 80 NYPL branches. In order to develop the program to transform technology training services/classes, part of the process involved asking three questions: What do we start, what do we stop, and what do we continue.  NYPL continues to evaluate the program by talking to both staff and patrons (Yes! Someone else understands the importance of getting feedback from both groups) and understands that it’s about asking the right questions – “Don’t ask questions that you can’t action.”

Interested in Usability and User Experience?

Metropolitan New York Library CouncilIf you are interested in the usability and user experience (both web and non-web) of libraries, the Usability and User Experience Special Interest Group (SIG) is for you! Support our SIG for opportunities to collaborate on user experience projects, share ideas and resources, and to give and receive support and advice.

Support the formation of this new Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) SIG.

Happy 2014!


Happy 2014! We had a great year. Here’s a look back at 2013 –

Look forward to another great year. Happy New Year!