People Interact

Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

Self-Service Model Usability Study

As part of a library school course, we developed and completed a 15-week usability study that involved the evaluation of a new service model at an urban public library. Using various people-centered design research methods and analysis techniques, we made recommendations for enhancing the usability, user experience and interactions of the new service model.


  • Recommendations included Book a Librarian (BAL), a reference service model, which was proposed and launched at the main library.
  • Conducted a PLA 2010 workshop demonstrating and instructing library and information professionals on how to use people-centered analysis in improving library services.
  • Conceptualized a single point service model from a preexisting structure as a way to improve information service efficiency. Single Point Service
  • Created a visual representation (tag cloud) illustrating staff and patron expectations of the library, based on interviews.

Tag Cloud