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METRO UX Summer Meetup: Amazon Books Self-Guided Tour

Amazon just opened its first NYC brick and mortar store at Columbus Circle. Join us for our informal summer METRO UX meetup where we’ll do a self-guided tour of Amazon Books. Afterwards, we’ll head to Central Park for a picnic or Whole Foods (if bad weather) and discuss our observations and thoughts over lunch. Feel free to bring a brown bag lunch.

Thursday, July 27 at 10am-12pm
The Shops at Columbus Circle located at 10 Columbus Circle
Meet at 10am in front of Amazon Books located on the 3rd floor of the Shops at Columbus Circle.


Wandering Librarian: Amazon Bookstore at Columbus Circle

This was completely unplanned yet feels coordinated, I guess that’s what partners in crime do 🙂 While my partner in crime, Sandra, came across the yet to be opened 34th st location for the Amazon bookstore last week, I made my way to the already opened Amazon bookstore in the Shops at Columbus Circle while on my hunt for the NYC Wave Walk (sea-inspired sculptures on display in NYC through the end of June); I’ve seen 14 so far.

Here’s a photo slideshow of my visit to Amazon Books at Columbus Circle:

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My initial impressions and observations:

  • The bookstore is pretty well-staffed and the staff were all very friendly, saying hello and/or asking if I need any help.
  • There’s a big push with Amazon Prime as that was a commonly asked question: Do you have Amazon Prime?
  • I overhead one staff member who was trying to track down a book. Not sure if there is initial inventory things to be ironed out.
  • There are limited seating areas with a sprinkling of a few comfy chairs throughout.
  • It was a very visual and browser friendly experience with all the book covers displayed.
  • It was a fairly busy Monday evening, perhaps because it was raining. There were a few people reading, lots of people browsing.

And as for what brought me to Columbus Circle – the hunt for the wave sculptures, I saw 6 of them there, but my favorite NYC Wave Walk sculpture so far is the Sea Glass near the Intrepid.


Wandering Librarian: Amazon Bookstore

This post is based on the yet to be opened 34th street location. 

Recently in midtown Manhattan I discovered that Amazon would be opening a brick-&-mortar book store this spring.

From what I’ve read, these stores (soon to be 6 more in the USA) will be data-driven; meaning they will be holding only the most popular books based on Amazon ratings. The stores will also honor its website prices.

At the time, I was not aware that Amazon would be opening in the old Borders in Columbus Circle the next day. If any of our faithful readers have visited the Columbus Circle location please share your thoughts on your visit.

As for me, this wandering librarian is looking forward to the next time she wanders into NYC for a first-hand visit to the store.


Amazon Lockers

amazonWhile on a trip to Flushing, NY for Lunar New Year dim sum I stumbled upon this:

No more sending packages to your home or business address just to miss the postman. Amazon has figured out a way to address those pesky missed deliveries for customers eagerly awaiting their Amazon items.

With Amazon lockers  you can select a location and pick up your package at a time that’s convenient for you. Once your package is delivered to the Amazon Locker, you’ll receive an e-mail notification with a unique pickup code that includes the address and opening times for your selected Locker location.

Of course there are limits to weight, size etc. but at least Amazon is striving to improve customer service.


JetBlue Upping the Flying Experience

If you are a parent like me, you probably dislike the interminable wait for your flight in the boring terminal trying to keep an antsy kid out of trouble. On a recent trip I had the enjoyment of hanging out in John F. Kennedy International Airport.

With it’s traveling families in mind I found these wonderful additions at the end of terminal 5.

jetblueThe first item is a lactation station by Mamava. While JetBlue makes it clear that if is fine to breastfeed inside the terminal, the booth is provided to give mothers privacy. The inside was a white, bright and welcoming sanctuary.

jfk2The second item is a play area in the theme of Amazon’s animation Tumble Leaf.

So the next time you’re traveling in/out of New York with the family, consider JetBlue’s Terminal 5.