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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Wandering Librarian: Carturesti Carusel in Romania

While on a 2 week trip to Europe, my first stop was a bookstore at the recommendation of our taxi driver. Truthfully I was disappointed that the taxi driver recommended a bookstore when I specifically asked him about libraries. However, once I stepped into Carturesti Carusel, I wasn’t so disappointed. Set in Old Town Bucharest, Carturesti Carusel, a monument turned bookstore offers an experience with no comparison.

Beyond the sheer majesty of the building, wandering around and perusing the over 10,000 books or just enjoying the beauty of the inside was a great experience for my entire family. Not a bad first stop for this wandering librarian.

Wandering Librarian: Rust Library

Sorry for the long gap in posts folks but we’ve been wandering this summer & are now ready to share what we’ve found.

On one of my summer trips, I spent a weekend in the historic & picturesque town of Leesburg, Virginia. Of course I went to visit one of Loudoun County’s 11 public libraries; the Rust Library.

The Rust Library is located in a modern building equipped with computers, self-check out kiosks and comfortable seating areas. While offering basic library technology, programs & services, I was most impressed by the extra things they offered.

  • A dry erase table – whaaat! my first time ever seeing this piece of furniture
  • An impressive offering of board games
  • Small and enclosed study rooms
  • A.V. Symington Teen Center – must be accompanied by a teen to even enter
    • A great gaming set up inside the teen room
    • The teen room was completely separated from the main room by walls and glass doors to give teens a sense of true privacy & their own space

Overall a great library offering impressive service to its small community.