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Monthly Archives: August 2011

End of Summer Pick-Me-Up

As summer draws to a close, this inspirational read is a great way to re-energize.

The Greatness Guide

Filled with buzz words, catch phrases and quotes from great leaders, this easy read provides tips for a successful, happy and balanced professional/personal life.  Sharma does a great job of boiling everything down to the most important thing in life: happiness.

If you are looking to craft an extraordinary life, The Greatness Guide is your handbook.

It’s Like Pandora For Books


BookLamp is like Pandora for books. Enough said. Check it out.

Everyday Usability: Portable Library


Brace yourself NYC! The Uni is bringing the portable library to your neighborhood.

Part library, part reading room, part learning lab, the Uni strives to improve public spaces for urban users.

Using stackable cubes, they can be built and rebuilt to fit its space.


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Everyday Usability: Book Carts

How many of you have used, seen or heard book carts that are noisy, difficult to move around, like to drop a wheel, or topple over?

We have, and we’ve found a solution.

We saw this book cart on our field trip to Darien Library.

What makes this book cart so special?

  • Used with the library’s automated return sorting system. Books go straight from the sorting system onto the book cart.
  • Height-adjustable.
  • Holds books in place.
  • Cart handle, wheels and overall design allow for more flexibility in movement.

Book cart

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