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Free NYC-Based CUNY TechWorks User Experience (UX) Program

For those in the NYC metro area, Kingsborough Community College (with a beautiful beachside campus in Brooklyn, NY) is offering a tuition-free user experience training program via CUNY TechWorks. Interested? More info and check out the upcoming info session for the Fall semester.

Bathroom Blogfest 2017 Wrap Up

Toilet Paper CartoonFrom eco-restrooms and composting toilets to bathrooms fit for the president, we hope you enjoyed reading Bathroom Blogfest 2017 as much as we enjoyed writing it.

As we wrap up this year’s bathroom blogfest, it’s time for NYC to step up re: public restrooms. Check out a recent Time Out New York article on public restroom availability in cities (from retractable toilets in Amsterdam to self-cleaning toilets in Paris to high-tech toilets in Tokyo).

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Wandering Librarian: National Archives at NYC

On a hot summer day, I wandered into the Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House which houses the National Archives at NYC and the National Museum of the American Indian among other things.

The National Archives at NYC maintains “the historically significant records of Federal agencies and courts in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands dating from 1685 to the present.”


I mainly looked at the exhibit display cases to the left of the welcome center where I learned more about the National Archives and the history of NYC. There is the research center to the right of the door pictured. While I did not do research during my visit, I found the staff and volunteers to be friendly and welcoming.

Admission is free, so if you’re in the NYC area, stop in and check it out.


Subway Library – Free Downloadable Books from NYC Libraries

A library on the subway? Yep, the Subway Library is offering free downloadable books from the city’s three public library systems. Be on the lookout for the subway library train. I spotted it across the tracks the other day but I was going in the opposite direction.

Wandering Librarian: Amazon Bookstore at Columbus Circle

This was completely unplanned yet feels coordinated, I guess that’s what partners in crime do 🙂 While my partner in crime, Sandra, came across the yet to be opened 34th st location for the Amazon bookstore last week, I made my way to the already opened Amazon bookstore in the Shops at Columbus Circle while on my hunt for the NYC Wave Walk (sea-inspired sculptures on display in NYC through the end of June); I’ve seen 14 so far.

Here’s a photo slideshow of my visit to Amazon Books at Columbus Circle:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My initial impressions and observations:

  • The bookstore is pretty well-staffed and the staff were all very friendly, saying hello and/or asking if I need any help.
  • There’s a big push with Amazon Prime as that was a commonly asked question: Do you have Amazon Prime?
  • I overhead one staff member who was trying to track down a book. Not sure if there is initial inventory things to be ironed out.
  • There are limited seating areas with a sprinkling of a few comfy chairs throughout.
  • It was a very visual and browser friendly experience with all the book covers displayed.
  • It was a fairly busy Monday evening, perhaps because it was raining. There were a few people reading, lots of people browsing.

And as for what brought me to Columbus Circle – the hunt for the wave sculptures, I saw 6 of them there, but my favorite NYC Wave Walk sculpture so far is the Sea Glass near the Intrepid.