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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Contact Form Infographic

contact formOne of PI’s biggest pet peeves are online forms; or rather, badly done forms. While online forms are meant to be easier for users, some forms do the opposite. Thanks to free online survey tools like SurveyMonkey, there are many bad forms running rampant on the internet. We’ve all seen 10+ question long forms or forms with ridiculous or redundant fields.

Recently, someone at SingleHop, a provider of hosted IT infrastructure and Cloud computing, shared a handy infographic on contact information forms. While the infographic mainly pertains to marketing, much of the advice is useful. If you’re looking to increase response rates to your online contact form, check out the infographic.

The Little Book of IDEO

If you are looking for some inspiration in you work, check out our crush company’s Little Book of IDEO that boils down their company’s values into 7 short & sweet axioms.

Sacramento Public Library: Central Library

library-picWhile on a trip to flee the East Coast storms, a visit to Sacramento included a stop at the Sacramento Central Library. The largest of Sacramento’s 28 libraries is a Carnegie building with a more recent attachment; resulting in a very spacious library. At the time, the Carnegie building was inaccessible except for the Sacramento Room housing all things Sacramento.

Greeted by the usual circulation desk, catalog computers and self check-out kiosks, navigating the rest of the main floor was difficult because of the lack of signage. There was no large floor plan to refer to. Instead, it took about 10 minutes of hunting down a library brochure located at the end of the circulation desk hidden by other brochures before I was able to find a floor plan.

I Street PressMap in hand, I continued my tour to the second floor and the impressive genealogy center where patrons can schedule one-on-one sessions with a genealogist. This floor also housed the GED and passport offices as well as the I Street Press. This is the library’s community publishing center which is also where the print-on-demand Espresso Book Machine is located. 

National  Geographic Magazines

Highlights of Visit:

  • Cleanest public restrooms ever
  • Collection of National Geographic Magazines
  • Allow to pay cash/coin to print
  • JAWS reader computer program for visually impaired
  • Friendly staff
  • Book club led by English professors
  • Patrons can see a 3D printer in action at the Arcade Library

deaf collection

Low lights of Visit:

  • Minimal signage on main floor
  • Was not able to find braille collection but did find a small “deaf collection” 
  • Was not able to tour the Carnegie building

Despite these minor low lights, the visit was enjoyable.  All in all, a very impressive library.

Monthly Method Spotlight: Secondary Research

Top-10-Tips-to-Writing-a-Research-PaperSecondary Research

When/why: Desk research, the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research, is an important preliminary step for informing your own research.

How: Review published articles, papers and other documents to determine what is already known and what new data you require.

Tips: It’s easy to get mired down by the sheer amount of research available. It may help to compose a list of specific information you require before you begin your research.

Interested in using/applying these methods in your work? Contact us for more info.