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Monthly Archives: June 2011

Tablet vs Laptop

I’m debating whether or not I should make the laptop to tablet transition.  Unfortunately, everyone I seek advice from either loves or hates one or the other.  Luckily, I stumbled across this article.

The author takes us through his journey and here are some points to consider:

  • tablets are incredibly portable
  • touch screen keyboard typing on tablet
  • limited storage capabilities of tablets
  • some tablets don’t have ability to play Flash games or video
  • you can accessorize your tablet

Please help me by leaving comments about your experience with tablets or laptops.

SLA 2011 Conference Highlights from a SLA Rising Star


SLA 2011 highlights:

Can you feel the LOVE?

Philly welcome banner

Philly shows its brotherly love and welcomes SLA 2011

thomas friedman

Thomas Friedman speaks at SLA General Opening Session

Takeaways from Friedman’s talk

1. Whatever can be done will be done. The question is will it be done by you or to you.

2. Being average is officially over. What’s your extra? Find it, develop it and exploit it.

sla rising stars

SLA Rising Star Award


Congrats to my fellow SLA Rising Stars and all SLA 2011 awardees!

Shout-outs to:

– Two Pratt SILS people – Clara Cabrera and Susan DiMattia

– My fellow panelists for “It’s All Hallway! An Unconference Approach to Professional Development” – Karen Huffman and Mary Talley Garcia

Elevator Speech Tips (Mary Ellen Bates)

1. Kill the “speech” – what you want to do is start/create a conversation.

2. “So, what do you do?” — Focus on why, not how or what.

convention center

SLA 2011: Pennsylvania Convention Center

Takeaways from Mary Ellen Bates’ talk on Info Pro Guerrilla Marketing

1. Create a brag-ologue.

2. Strut your stuff.

3. Build a 3D profile.

4. See yourself as a brand.

5. Work with fear.

What You Need to Know to Organize Unconferences

Hot off the press! Check out the just published METRO LibGuide on unconferences, put together by yours truly, Lisa & Sandra.

Everyday Usability: Two Birds with One Stone

Something to keep in mind: we can’t always anticipate how people will use your product, service, etc. It may not always be used for the intended purpose. Or in some cases, it’s for the intended purpose + 1.

Display holding the door open and showing restaurant specials

Check out more posts in the Everyday Usability series.

Gleeking Out!

Hello, my name is Sandra and I’m a Glee addict.  I’m rather a late bloomer when it comes to this musical comedy-drama television series.  Admittedly, I’m not at the begining of the Glee curve, I’m probably more around the vicinity of the caboose.

I’ve decided to analyze my addiction and this is what I’ve discovered.

Glee Addiction Break Down (or why we’re so hooked):

1. it hits the range of human emotions – it makes us laugh, cry, hate, love…

2. it hits the range of music genres – jazz, rap, pop…

3. it covers heavy, everyday life topics – bullying, pregnancies, identity…

4. it’s cast covers the entire rainbow including the pot of gold

5. it’s a modern day Aesops fable – every episode has a moral

7. it’s a heartwarming, feel good show

In other words, Glee gives us what we want; everything.