People Interact

Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

Young Adult Pre-GED

In 2008, there were approximately 223,000 “disconnected youth” (16-24 years olds not working and not in school) in NYC.  YA Pre-GED is an initiative launched by Brooklyn Public Library with funding from the mayor’s Center for Economic Opportunity.

Sandra served as the information professional on the team involved in the project.


  • Created and managed a special collection to fit the reading interest and reading level of the target population
  • Developed and implemented a classroom curriculum and instructional units that integrate information literacy, technology skills and life skills with literacy skills
  • Oriented program staff and students to the library, library collection and library services
  • Strategized and executed street outreach and recruitment plan with the assistance of library staff and program students
  • Expanded and built strong community partnerships
  • Successfully integrated program, curriculum, students and staff  into the library
  • Presented at various conferences on the project