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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Free NYC-Based CUNY TechWorks User Experience (UX) Program

For those in the NYC metro area, Kingsborough Community College (with a beautiful beachside campus in Brooklyn, NY) is offering a tuition-free user experience training program via CUNY TechWorks. Interested? More info and check out the upcoming info session for the Fall semester.

Wandering Librarian: George Baritiu Children’s Library

Next up on my wanderings through Europe; the city of Brasov in the Transylvania region of Romania. Much to my disappointment no vampire library exists. Even Bran Castle AKA ‘Dracula’s Castle’ was devoid of a vampire library. My consolation prize is the George Baritiu Children’s Library.

After wandering around & passing the entrance several times I finally found the building. This modest building offers very basic library services; books & computers. On a summer morning it was quiet. Staff informed me that in the summer they offer kindergarten classes and that it would soon be packed. When I inquired about a YA section I was told that the children’s library is for kids 0-18yrs old.

What really impressed me was the children’s jungle gym and toy library. This is the first time I have ever encountered an indoor jungle gym or toy library in a library. Yes, they actually had an indoor jungle gym for the kids. The toy library is exactly what it sound like. A shelving unit against the wall was packed with toys and board games for varying ages to play with and borrow. unfortunately you’ll have to take my word for this because I was not permitted to take photos.