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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Will Apple soon be launching iCloud?

Rumors abound about Apple soon launching a cloud-based iTunes.

Cloud computing is a way for you to access files, programs, software etc. on the internet without being confined to 1 computer since all of these things are housed on several servers in neverneverland.  For example, when you create a Google document you can access that document on any computer with internet access.

If you’re still confused check out the diagram below.

So will this soon be happening with iTunes?  Will we be able to access our iTunes music away from our home computer? We’ll have to wait and see.

Making the Most of 3.5” x 2”

The typical size of business cards is 3.5” x 2”. Are you making the most of your business card “real estate”?

Here are some tips, tricks and tools that we’ve picked up along the way:

  • Print on demand (SS) or order in bulk (LC). Printing on demand allows you to change your card more often and see which ones are more receptive while ordering in bulk can be more cost-effective and convenient.
  • Use both sides.
  • List your professional interests and skills.
  • Stand out.
  • Balance is key. You want a balance between text, images and white space.
  • Experiment with different cards and see which generates the most interest.

Lessons learned:

When I was in library school, I got business cards and made the mistake of putting “Anticipated graduation date.”  The cards went quickly out-of-date after I graduated. Luckily, by then, I only had a few left. ~Lisa

My first iteration of business cards had my e-portfolio as a Google Site url which made it really long.  I decided to use a link which makes my link shorter and easier. ~ Sandra

Business cards:

Lisa Chow Business Card

It’s All Hallway! An Unconference Approach to Professional Development

Are you heading to Philly for next month’s SLA 2011 conference? Check out this program on unconferences.

It’s All Hallway! An Unconference Approach to Professional Development
Monday, June 13 @ 10-11:30am

Speakers: Lisa Chow, Karen Huffman and Mary Talley

Unconferences are participant-driven events that provide an informal and open environment for learning and sharing of ideas, resources, and best practices. This unmoderated panel will feature case studies and best practices of two unconferences: HealthCampNYC, a regional health unconference focused on health literacy and community health and SLA’s unconference sessions.

At the end of this session, attendees will:

  • understand what an unconference is
  • learn about past unconferences
  • be able to develop and facilitate their own unconference at their organization

The Secret to Job Security

After reading Ignore Everybody by Hugh MacLeod, I subscribed to his gapingvoid daily cartoon emails. Saw this one recently about job security.

No Job Security

Stuff happens. Budgets get cut. Companies and organizations close down. Pink slips are given out.
The secret to job security: there is no job security.

At the end of the day, it’s about your skills, knowledge and experience. It’s also about people – who you know and who knows you. It’s about your network. 

And we’ve got some stories that demonstrate the power of the network —

  • A colleague told us she landed a job through a connection on LinkedIn, shortly after an informational interview with someone from the organization of interest.
  • Someone contacted me about a potential job opportunity through a conference program proposal that I had submitted.

What’s your story? 

Everyday Usability: Library Cards

Why don’t more libraries do this?

Queens Library Card

Queens library card has the renewal phone number and TDD (Telecommunications Device for Deaf) number listed. It also states that postage is guaranteed so if found, drop in mailbox (and the card gets sent to the main location of Queens Library).