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Wandering Librarian: Woodstock Library

A few months ago, I took a trip upstate NY and was walking around the town of Woodstock and stumbled across Woodstock Library; a friendly and small town library packed with reading glasses, a seed lending library, a red-eyed dragon named Fireball, and more. I enjoyed my visit. Check out the photo slideshow below.

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Bathroom Blogfest: Communal Bathroom Sink

I’ve been seeing more and more bathrooms with communal sinks. I like it; it speeds up the bathroom line since you’re not taking up the toilet when you’re washing your hands and also once you wash your hands, you don’t have to worry about touching the (maybe not so clean) door handle. What do you think?




Bathroom Blogfest: The Pouch

On a recent trip, I noticed this inside an airport bathroom stall. Most likely inspired by our kangaroo friends in Australia, The Pouch is “clean and secure storage” while you’re using the bathroom. Comes in handy for small items like your wallet, phone, etc.


Bathroom Blogfest: Dryer and Sink In One

During a recent visit to Philly, I was in the National Constitution Center and noticed a blue signage label on the sink in the bathroom while I was washing my hands. It says “Place hands below to dry. Wait for air to activate.” Turns out it’s a dryer and sink in one. Wash and dry your hands in one place, although I found it initially confusing. Has anyone else seen this or something similar?


Wandering Librarian: The Book Trader

I was wandering around in Philly and came across a bookstore called The Book Trader. With books stacked from almost ceiling to floor, it was an overwhelming (so many books) yet interesting browsing experience. Also, you can’t go wrong with Mickey and Minnie in the kids’ section.


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