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Bathroom Blogfest: Bathrooms with Hospitality

It’s nice when bathrooms go the extra mile with hospitality. Here are pictures of two bathrooms that feel homey and welcoming.


Bathroom Blogfest: Soap Dispensers

What do you think about the location of the soap dispenser? Is the trash bin right underneath the dispenser to catch the soap drips?


Bathroom Blogfest: The Sink’s Not Working

The sink’s not working I thought to myself. I know how a sink works. I then noticed the sign on the the mirror. “To activate water place hands close to faucet stem.” I never thought I would need instructions to wash my hands at a sink.

Note: Picture taken after hand washing 🙂

Bathroom Blogfest: Where’s the Bathroom?


“Where’s the bathroom?”

A commonly asked question especially when time is of the essence.

Trying to track down someone who may know the answer to that question can also be a common task.

In this food hall, there is a bright and pretty visible toilet icon indicating where the bathroom is.

There was no need to ask “Where’s the bathroom?”

Thanks for a good bathroom user experience (UX)!

Wandering Librarian: Woodstock Library

A few months ago, I took a trip upstate NY and was walking around the town of Woodstock and stumbled across Woodstock Library; a friendly and small town library packed with reading glasses, a seed lending library, a red-eyed dragon named Fireball, and more. I enjoyed my visit. Check out the photo slideshow below.

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