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Bathroom Blogfest: Dryer and Sink In One

During a recent visit to Philly, I was in the National Constitution Center and noticed a blue signage label on the sink in the bathroom while I was washing my hands. It says “Place hands below to dry. Wait for air to activate.” Turns out it’s a dryer and sink in one. Wash and dry your hands in one place, although I found it initially confusing. Has anyone else seen this or something similar?


Wandering Librarian: The Book Trader

I was wandering around in Philly and came across a bookstore called The Book Trader. With books stacked from almost ceiling to floor, it was an overwhelming (so many books) yet interesting browsing experience. Also, you can’t go wrong with Mickey and Minnie in the kids’ section.


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Wandering Librarian: A Little Library in Philly


I was in Philly recently and came across A Little Library. It’s interesting to see the different little libraries (how they’re set up, what the library is made out of, and of course, what kind of books there are).

In this case, there are two separate little libraries: one is for children’s books and the other is for non-children’s books. A little house was made for the children’s books and a newspaper dispenser is being used for the other books.

It’s good to see that books are made easily accessible in many communities and neighborhoods via the little libraries.


Gathering Feedback: What is the Purpose of Your Visit Today?

I visited the Mutter Museum during my recent trip to Philly and I noticed the museum’s fun and simple way of gathering feedback via the use of the visitor tag.

Directions: drop your visitor tag into one of the four lab flasks below and let us know: Why did you come to the museum today?

Flasks: Class trip/group trip, On a date, Visiting Philadelphia/bucket list, and None of the above.

It’s a simple and easy way of getting feedback, especially in this increasingly survey-fatigued world. It’s also a way to collect and reuse/recycle the visitor tags.

One suggestion: empty the “Visiting Philadelphia” flask (in this case) since it seems pretty full and may affect/influence future responses (i.e. visitors may drop it in another flask because the one they would select is full).

Wandering Librarian: Book Nook at Reading Terminal Market

I was in Philly recently and made my usual stop at the Reading Terminal Market. In addition to a  few new restaurants & shops since the last time I was there, I noticed that there is a children’s reading corner called Book Nook, a partnership between Reading Terminal Market and the Free Library of Philadelphia.

There are a few Book Nook rules (such as take a book, leave a book) and a Book Nook storytime schedule (1st and 3rd Wednesday morning of each month). It’s good to see that libraries are finding ways of going beyond their buildings’ walls to provide library resources and services. Reminds me of Darien’s Library stash of books at the nearby MetroNorth train station; why not take a book to read on the train.

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