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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Halloween Treats, Tips, and Tricks

trick or treatTrick or treat!

Treat yourself to our monthly method spotlight series highlighting people-centered methods that you may find helpful in your work. Or learn the tips and tricks that we share on leadership and career development.

Here’s a taste of some of our treats, tips, and tricks:

Happy Halloween!

Bathroom Blogfest 2016 Wrap Up

Toilet Paper CartoonFrom a Jurassic Park theme bathroom to a classic bathroom question of how/where do I flush, we hope you enjoyed reading Bathroom Blogfest 2016 as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Bathroom Blogfest 2016: Umm, How/Where Do I Flush?

You’ve finished your business and now you’re ready to flush. The questions are how and where. flush

It looks like the PUSH button is for a possible door, but it turns out that’s where you push to flush. It’s labelled (sorta) but still rather confusing. I guess one can argue that if it said push to flush, it would be more clear. However, many times, when the design of something is flawed, having signage just simply masks or somewhat alleviates the real (design) issue at hand.

Bathroom Blogfest 2016: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park anyone? Pretty cool bathroom. Only thing missing: music.

img_20160831_131840461  jp-2

Bathroom Blogfest 2016: A Uni-Sex Bathroom

Earlier this week, I entered a uni-sex bathroom that threw me off.


Uni Sex Bathroom Sign. Nothing unusual. Needed a key to bathroom and key was hard to use as it was attached to a large keychain, but not a big deal.


Stepping into the bathroom, I saw three sinks and to the left was one individual handicap accessible toilet stall. On the back wall was a diaper changing table.


To my right, I saw a hand dryer and three urinals. Um…so it’s a non-singular uni sex bathroom? The only explanation I could think of is that it probably was originally either a women’s or men’s bathroom but for some reason they decided to make it into a uni-sex bathroom. Thoughts? I may casually ask about this the next time I’m there, I’m kinda curious.

What’s your bathroom story?