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It’s a New Year. What’s Your Career Strategy?

Looking to work on your library career strategy in the new year?

Check out this recommended list of LIS career books of 2018.

Two books that we contributed to, “Career Transitions for Librarians: Proven Strategies for Moving to Another Type of Library” and “Career Q&A: A Librarian’s Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career” are on the list.


SLA Project Management Webinar – From Idea to Implementation

We presented “From Idea to Implementation: A Project Management Case Study for Book a Librarian” as part of a project management webinar series for librarians from the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

See our webinar slides.

project management cycle

For more ideas and methods for your project management needs, check out our Monthly Method Spotlight Series.

If you attended the webinar, we would like your feedback; share your thoughts via comments.

Upcoming Webinar – Project Management for Information Professionals

sla logoJoin us on Thursday, November 29 at 2-3PM EST for “Applying Project Management to the Real World (Library)” as part of Special Libraries Association’s three-part webinar series – Project Management for Today’s Information Professional. For more info and to register.

Free NYC-Based CUNY TechWorks User Experience (UX) Program

For those in the NYC metro area, Kingsborough Community College (with a beautiful beachside campus in Brooklyn, NY) is offering a tuition-free user experience training program via CUNY TechWorks. Interested? More info and check out the upcoming info session for the Fall semester.

Career Strategy Tip – Prepare for An Uncertain Future By Second-Skilling

We recently read an interesting article titled “Could Singapore hold the secret to preparing workers for an uncertain future?” on

We talk about learning new skills and refreshing existing skills as part of one’s career strategy on our blog, in our presentations and workshops, etc.


This article talks about second-skilling. “In today’s economy, second-skilling — developing your skills in a sector other than the one you work in — is necessary for career resiliency; it gives you options and flexibility. That second skill can either complement the skills you’re already using in your current job, or offer a completely alternative path.”

Incorporate second-skilling as part of your career strategy. What would you second-skill in?