People Interact

Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

What People Are Saying

Impact-Based Evaluation

“Library Journal Movers and Shakers Sandra Sajonas and Lisa Chow teamed up to run an excellent talk table on methods you can use to study your library and make sure you are focusing on users in ways that work for them.”
– PLA 2010 talk table participant

“Lisa’s observations and mapping of activities [as part of the library user study] were the most insightful and useful in determining the best location for public access computers, printers, circulation desk, book and journal collection, etc., in the new library. Were I to conduct a user-centered study in more depth, I would invite Lisa to join and head the team. She has an unusual ability to blend in while doing a study. In a short time, she was able to collect and analyse information that was very useful to me.”
– Library director of a health sciences hospital library

“Very practical and constructive, I am walking out of this workshop knowing I can do this.”
 Attendee at METRO Workshop on DIY Usability and User Experience

“It was so helpful brainstorming with Lisa Chow on designing a library website for my new institution. In a brief phone chat, Lisa shared best practices and ideas on accessibility and design concepts. I appreciated her input and thoughtful questions for me to consider!”
– Academic librarian at a startup university in California




“A fun, relaxed atmosphere truly fosters creativity.”
– BPL ThinkTank participant

“Thanks so much for making time to facilitate the unconference, especially on such short notice! I really appreciate it.”
– Library manager of a public library

“We have formed 2 new partnerships as a result of [HealthCampNYC] and were able to brainstorm more ideas for fundraising and securing support for worthy projects.”
– HealthCampNYC participant

“Thank you for your session at the SLA Annual 2011 on unconference management. The information you provided was extremely helpful and served to assuage fears of unconferences. By examining the aspects involved in planning and running an event, as well as participating in a miniaturized unconference, you and the panel created an engaging and informative experience for all of us in attendance.”
– Attendee at SLA 2011 program on unconferences

Leadership and Career Development

“The enthusiasm of the presenters, Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas, was infectious. Their knowledge was impressive.”
– Event attendee at NY Librarians Meetup Group presentation

“You inspired me to start working on my online portfolio.”
 Event attendee at SLA-NY @ METRO presentation

“The event was well organized and presented in such a professional way right now to have library interns strategically located. The variety of the programs were well chosen. Excellent group of vendors not very often seen at career events.”
– Event attendee at Library Workers’ Skill Share

“[Our proposal] was accepted for the 2012 PLA National Conference. [We] want to share this wonderful news and thank you for the excellent advise that we received when we were just thinking in applying.”
 Library staff from a conference proposal review session

“I had just recently signed up on LinkedIn when I attended your workshop. Your advice about personalizing invites (maybe mentioning how you’ve met, etc.), instead of using the standard/generic introduction has been extremely useful and more effective. I’ve since stopped sending generic messages.”
– Attendee from SLA-NY @ METRO presentation

“Thanks for your SLA@Pratt presentation. I appreciated your positive energy and your resourceful approach to the job hunting process. The tips and tools that you shared have enabled me to significantly improve my job-hunting skills. I have especially benefited from learning about the ‘I need a library job’ resource, which has been a vital source of information and inspiration in my search.”
– Attendee at SLA@Pratt presentation

“Lisa and Sandra’s webinar presented me with a clear overview of e-portfolios. Within an hour, I knew how to create, host and promote an e-portfolio and even how to gauge its impact. They provided great examples of e-portfolios, the pros and cons of different hosting tools and useful tips and advice. For someone with limited knowledge of e-portfolios, this webinar has been an invaluable resource that I will keep turning back to as I try to shape my online presence. A great career booster.”
– SLA webinar attendee on e-portfolios

“Sandra Sajonas and Lisa Chow’s Leadership & Career Development for the New Information Professional: Tips, Tricks, and Tools helped inspire me as an emerging information professional just finishing my MSLIS. Sajonas and Chow’s simple and effective personalized tips and in-workshop exercises helped me move through some of the daunting professional anxieties I experienced in my last semester of grad school. The dynamic team has a infectious enthusiasm for the profession; they are able to inject attendees like myself with energetic hope grounded in practical, actionable goals. I would highly recommend this program to any emerging information professional.”
– Attendee at SLA@Pratt presentation