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SLA Project Management Webinar – From Idea to Implementation

We presented “From Idea to Implementation: A Project Management Case Study for Book a Librarian” as part of a project management webinar series for librarians from the Special Libraries Association (SLA).

See our webinar slides.

project management cycle

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If you attended the webinar, we would like your feedback; share your thoughts via comments.

Upcoming Webinar – Project Management for Information Professionals

sla logoJoin us on Thursday, November 29 at 2-3PM EST for “Applying Project Management to the Real World (Library)” as part of Special Libraries Association’s three-part webinar series – Project Management for Today’s Information Professional. For more info and to register.

Monthly Method Spotlight: Word Association



What comes to mind when you think of SLA?
Word association activity at User Experience Caucus meeting, Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2012 Conference, Chicago.

What: Word Association

When/why: This method is a quick and informal way to gather information and insight about what people think about a particular organization, service, product, etc.

How: Example scenario – You want to know what people think of your organization, but you know that people don’t want to fill out a survey. Ask them what comes to mind when they think of your organization.

Tips: Tell participants to quickly tell you what comes to mind. The idea is to get their immediate reactions and responses, not thought-out ones.

Next Steps/Conclusions: Look for patterns in the responses.

Interested in using/applying these methods in your work? Contact us for more info.

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