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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Google Does It Again!

Is there anything Google doesn’t do?

We recently heard about Google’s Public Data Explorer and boy are we excited.  Finally, data is fun to look at and explore.  Check it out!

Hello, My Name Is…


Sure, a name tag is for your name, but if you want to get the most out of it, be sure to also put a title or a headline. And we’re not talking about your job title. In fact, you should say who you are professionally aka your professional brand. Why? A few reasons:

  • Helps build and maintain your professional brand
  • Serves as a good ice breaker
  • Helps get a conversation going



And it works! We tried it. At last week’s SLA-NY Future Ready event, we decided to put more than just our names.

Quite a few people inquisitively asked about it.

So go ahead, get creative and experiment with it. Let us know what happens.

Kudos to Lisa!



Congratulations to Lisa who was recently named a 2011 SLA Rising Star.

Are You Future Ready?

We attended SLA President Cindy Romaine’s talk at CUNY Baruch College yesterday. Cindy had some very interesting ideas about the future of the library and the information profession. Her main message is that we need a strategy on how to change. Her four vehicles to be future ready are collaboration, alignment, adaptable skills and community.

SLA is looking for your input and ideas through the Future Ready 365 blog. We’re going to submit a post and we hope you will too.

Looking for Ways to Freshen Up Your Skills?

Save the dates.

Professional and Career Development: Tips, Tricks and Tools for the Information Professional
Thursday, March 3 @ 5:30pm
We will share our experiences and some tips, tricks and tools for your career development no matter your level and experience in the profession.
More info

Power Hour for Your Professional Development
Wednesday, March 23 @ 5:30pm
NYPL Mulberry Library
Includes resume swaps, elevator speech and speed networking.
More info