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Monthly Method Spotlight: Personal Inventory


When/why: Personal inventory is a useful method for gleaning people’s activities, perceptions and values as well as any patterns that may occur among your sample group.

How: Document the things that people identify as important to them. This is a good way to catalog evidence of lifestyles.

Tips: This method can be combined with other methods to simplify the process. For example, include personal inventory in the Day in the Life activity or the Shadowing activity.

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Monthly Method Spotlight: Ethnographic Research


When/why: Ethnography is the branch of anthropology that involves trying to understand how people live their lives.

How: Ethnographic research is mainly done by visiting the consumer’s home. The main idea is that you are observing people on their terms.

Tips: Many of the methods we covered in previous posts can be considered ethnographic research techniques (e.g. a day in the life, shadowing, behavioral archaeology, etc.) The Harvard Business Review has a great article explaining ethnographic research.

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Monthly Method Spotlight: Top Ten Posts

Instead of introducing a new method for this month’s method spotlight, we decided to do a recap and take a look at some of the top monthly method spotlight posts. Which of the following methods have you used in your work?

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  5. Monthly Method Spotlight: Fly on the Wall
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  8. Monthly Method Spotlight: Shadowing
  9. Monthly Method Spotlight: Collage
  10. Monthly Method Spotlight: Content Inventory

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Monthly Method Spotlight: Behavioral Archaeology

party room messBehavioral Archaeology

When/why: Behavioral archaeology is the study of relationships between behavior and objects/things. It can show how people’s habits and priorities are based on their activities, placements, organization, and use of objects and things. The data and information collected can be used to improve a customer service model or service point or the layout of an office desk/cubicle, for example.

How: One can use many different methods to study the relationship between behavior and objects such as fly on the wall and shadowing.

Tips: Be observant. Take notes. Take pictures.

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Monthly Method Spotlight: Shadowing

people silhouette Shadowing

When/why: Shadowing is a way to see how a product/service/process might affect people’s behavior.

How: Shadow/tag along with people to observe and understand their actions, behaviors, routines, and interactions.

Tips: Get permission to shadow or tag along with someone. Ask/tell them to act like they usually do, as if you were not there.

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