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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Upcoming Webinar: Leadership and Career Development for the 21st Century Information Professional

sla logoJoin us and the Special Libraries Association (SLA) Rocky Mountain Chapter and the SLA First Five Years Council on Thursday, March 21st at 10am EST for  “Leadership and Career Development for the 21st Century Information Professional”. More information and registration.  

How green can you get?

bullitt centerHow green can you get?

Claiming to be the greenest commercial building in the world, the Bullitt Center in Seattle has features that can make anyone green with envy.

The Bullitt Center is attempting to become certified as a Living Building. Part of the requirements is that the building be self-sufficient for energy and water for at least 12 continuous months.

Hopefully the Bullitt Center meets the Living Building challenge and we look forward to watching its progress.

Presumptuous LinkedIn


Imagine my surprise when I recently received this email from LinkedIn.

Sandra, we noticed you haven’t visited Job Skills for Future Library Careers lately. To help keep your email tidy, we’ve unsubscribed you from this group’s digests – we hope this suits you better!

I feel very violated. This is akin to my teenage years with Mom taking the liberty to clean my room & throwing out “junk” because she thinks she’s helping keep things “tidy”.

Well LinkedIn, it does not suit me better and I prefer email digest because I’m too busy to be present and active on Linkedin everyday.

So in the future, if you please, don’t be so presumptuous.

NY Librarians Meetup E-Portfolio Presentation at NYPL

Monthly Method Spotlight: Fly on the Wall



What: Fly on the wall is a method, where you act as a fly on the wall or sit back and observe and take notes of everything and everyone around you without interacting with them.

When/why: This method is a great way to gather information on how an activity, service, or process works or how people use a given space.

How: Example scenario – You have been tasked with finding out how people use the library’s reading room (i.e. what do they do, how long do they stay, do they interact with library staff, etc.). Fly on the wall is a good place to start.

Tip: Be prepared to take lots of notes.

Interested in using/applying these methods in your work? Contact us for more info.