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It’s a New Year. What’s Your Career Strategy?

Looking to work on your library career strategy in the new year?

Check out this recommended list of LIS career books of 2018.

Two books that we contributed to, “Career Transitions for Librarians: Proven Strategies for Moving to Another Type of Library” and “Career Q&A: A Librarian’s Real-Life, Practical Guide to Managing a Successful Career” are on the list.


Career Strategy Tip – Prepare for An Uncertain Future By Second-Skilling

We recently read an interesting article titled “Could Singapore hold the secret to preparing workers for an uncertain future?” on

We talk about learning new skills and refreshing existing skills as part of one’s career strategy on our blog, in our presentations and workshops, etc.


This article talks about second-skilling. “In today’s economy, second-skilling — developing your skills in a sector other than the one you work in — is necessary for career resiliency; it gives you options and flexibility. That second skill can either complement the skills you’re already using in your current job, or offer a completely alternative path.”

Incorporate second-skilling as part of your career strategy. What would you second-skill in?

Using Design Thinking on My Career

In a recent article for Fast Company, a former lawyer applies design thinking to reinvent her career.

  1. First she observed and defined the problem. – Mainly, what does she love doing at work?
  2. Next she moved to the ideation stage.  – She generated as many ideas as possible. For her that meant a list of all the activities that excited her.
  3. Then she used rapid prototying to test her list from the ideation stage. Conducting information interview was the easiest way to rapid prototype.
  4. Getting feedback and iterating was next.
  5. Finally she implemented and acted on her solution which was to apply to a psychology program.

I enjoyed this article and it has inspired me to apply design thinking in my own career and life.

It’s October, Halloween, Fall, and Back to School/Career Development

Hello OctoberSkeletons, witches, pumpkins, haystacks, apple cider, pumpkin spice, and everything nice. It’s October (and almost Halloween) and Fall is here (sorta, it doesn’t quite feel like it yet here in the NYC metro area). Either way, it’s back to school.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your career development this Fall:

  • Search and add: Now that the summer lull is over, look for meetups, conferences, workshops, and networking events of interest and add them to your calendar.
  • Chat and catch up over [insert beverage of choice]: Reconnect with your colleagues after the summer months. Schedule coffee (or hot chocolate or apple cider or tea – the options are limitless) meetings.
  • Brush off the cobwebs: Update your LinkedIn profile and your master resume.
  • Career plan strategically: Check out our career & professional development blog posts and our leadership & career development presentations.
  • Check in: Make a list of upcoming projects and work, so you have a better idea of what’s on your plate for the next few months or year and know what continuing education and professional development opportunities you can do energy- and time-wise.


Library 2.017 – Librarians in the 21st Century: Designing a Career Strategy for Evolving Roles and Opportunities

Library 2.017 – Librarians in the 21st Century: Designing a Career Strategy for Evolving Roles and Opportunities 

Slides on Slideshare – 


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Emerging Career Trends for Information Professionals

Thanks to Library 2.017 and everyone for attending. We got some great questions during the presentation, so we’re sharing them here.

Q: Can you share a list of the usability groups that you connected with?
A: In 2014, we founded the Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) User Experience (UX) Special Interest Group (SIG) to provide a collaborative environment for librarians, libraries, etc. who are working toward creating a user-friendly environment. More information about the SIG as well as resources including usability groups. Our next meeting is on Tuesday, May 9th.

Q: I’m interested in the idea of freelancing – is there another session about how to get started there…
A: This is probably the first time we’ve been asked this question. We talk about how we got started in consulting in a recently published book, Career Transitions for Librarians, edited by colleagues Ray Pun and Davis Erin Anderson. Read more about our story and the book here. Feel free to contact us with more specific questions.

Q: Can you expand on what is in your e-portfolio?
A: Our e-portfolios are an expansion of our resumes/CVs and are more interactive and visual. Our e-portfolios are linked from our About page. We do presentations focused specifically on e-portfolios, so let us know if that would be something of interest to you or your group. Feel free to contact us with more specific questions.