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When a sign isn’t doing its job.

IMG_20150619_233345On a trip to Mohegan Sun, this sign was spotted:

It’s not far fetched to guess the result of this sign; the non-smoking area is now the smoking area.

As these are the only ashtrays to be found off the gambling area, patrons gather around for a smoke; quickly making this sign ineffectual.

Any recommendations for how this can be fixed?

Low-Cost, No-Cost UX

 of Team Influx recently posted an article on Library Journal that reminds us that user experience improvements can be low-cost and easy. Little improvements can be made that have a large impact on library services, no large budget or managerial red tape necessary.

In this article, he focuses on 4 main points: 

  1. Wrangling Signage – conduct a signage audit and decide on the absolutely necessary
  2. Rethink Service Points – keep a redirect log to cut out bouncing patron’s between service points
  3. Be Visionary – create a shared UX vision
  4. It’s Made of People – involve people who want to help

Read the full article.

Usability of Signage

There’s the argument that if something is well-designed, there’s no need for signage. Let’s leave that conversation/debate for another day (post). What we can agree on is that signage is everywhere and if we’re going to use signage, how can we make signage more user-friendly?

resume help is now held in information commons

What do you think of this sign? There’s minimal text and the font size is large. What’s missing though? We would suggest stating where the information commons is. Yes, it’s a few more words, but it would make things more clear. Suggestion: “Resume help (Thursdays 5PM and Saturdays 1PM) is now held in the Information Commons on the 1st Floor.”

a lot of signage

This is a lot of signage, it’s kind of overwhelming. Our guess is that a lot of people get lost, confused, and ask a lot of directional questions, so the employees/staff thought that putting up signage would help. What do you think? Does it help?

Embarrassing Signage

biogrophy signageRecently, I received this photo from a friend of a friend. This glaringly obvious mistake is so embarrassing that I will omit the name of the library that has yet to notice and take down its sign.

This will be the shortest post in our 2 years of posting because a picture is worth a thousand words.


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Ice Cream Cones

Every summer, like anyone else, we look forward to ice cream.  The only thing we don’t look forward to is trying to decipher the different cone options, especially when each establishment has its own name for the different cones.

This week some customer minded (or exasperated from repeating the same answer daily) employee finally created some signage.  We can finally make our cone selections confidently.  Thank you for this homemade but helpful sign.

Let’s just hope they do this again next summer.