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Blog about people-centered design by Lisa Chow and Sandra Sajonas.

Impact-Based Evaluation


Projects: Program and Service Evaluations, and Developments

  1. Public Library Self-Service Model Usability Study
    We developed and completed a 15-week usability study to evaluate a new self-service model at a public library. More information.
  2. Book a Librarian Reference Service Development
    After successfully pitching our Book a Librarian service recommendation (from the above study) to the Central Library Director, we developed and implemented the pilot service using various methods. More information.
  3. Hospital Health Sciences Library User Study
    Working with the library director, we developed and completed a 3-month usability study to evaluate the health sciences library’s current space, usage, and interactions. Plans were underway to move the library to a new space. Methods used include fly-on-the-wall observations, flow and error analyses, and word association. Recommendations and suggestions were made for improving the user experience in the current library space and for the new space.
  4. Young Adult Literacy Program Development
    Using usability and people-centered principles, we worked with city agencies and community based organizations to develop a library based educational program in 2008 for low-literacy, “disconnected youth” to improve their reading, writing, math, library literacy skills and their “life skills” (job readiness, financial literacy, etc).  Methods used include card sort, long range forecast and role playing. More information
  5. Business Library Strategic Plan Development
    In 2011, we conducted a 2-month usability study to assess the current use of the library to better inform the strategic planning process.  Methods used include character profiles and flow analysis. The results of the study are being used to write the 3-5 year strategic plan.
  6. Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO) User Experience (UX) in Libraries Meetup (formerly called METRO UX Special Interest Group (SIG))
    In 2014, we founded the METRO UX in Libraries Meetup (formerly called METRO UX SIG) to provide a collaborative environment for librarians, libraries, etc. who are working toward creating a user-friendly environment. More information.


Workshops: “DIY Usability and User Experience: Is Your Library People-Focused?”

  1. Public Library Association (PLA) National Conference 
  2. Metropolitan New York Library Council (METRO)
  3. Massachusetts Library System (MLS)
  4. Long Island Library Resources Council (LILRC)
  5. Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLC)

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“Library Journal Movers and Shakers Sandra Sajonas and Lisa Chow teamed up to run an excellent talk table on methods you can use to study your library and make sure you are focusing on users in ways that work for them.”
– PLA 2010 talk table participant

“Lisa’s observations and mapping of activities [as part of the library user study] were the most insightful and useful in determining the best location for public access computers, printers, circulation desk, book and journal collection, etc., in the new library. Were I to conduct a user-centered study in more depth, I would invite Lisa to join and head the team. She has an unusual ability to blend in while doing a study. In a short time, she was able to collect and analyse information that was very useful to me.”
– Library director of a health sciences hospital library

“Very practical and constructive, I am walking out of this workshop knowing I can do this.”
 Attendee at METRO Workshop on DIY Usability and User Experience