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Monthly Archives: July 2012

SLA 2012 in the Windy City: Conference Highlights from a SLA Rising Star

SLA 2012

SLA 2012 — Seeing people I’ve met at previous SLA conferences, meeting people in-person that I’m connected with on LinkedIn, and meeting completely new people. It was a good conference.

Rapid Fire Consultant Showcase
Consultant or not, information professionals or anyone for that matter, need to have their own pitch or elevator speech and be able to deliver it. Jan Sykes and Lorri Zipperer (the session organizers) provided an informal environment for attendees to deliver their pitches and get feedback from fellow attendees.
Resources to check out:

2012 SLA Fellows and Rising Stars Roundtable
This was the third annual SLA Fellows and Rising Stars Roundtable. This year’s umbrella roundtable topic is how technology has changed and has not changed the information profession, with sub-topics grouped by pairs. Each pair consisted of a Rising Star and a Fellow.
The line-up:

  • Search and Content Expertise — Ruth Kneale (Fellow) and Chris Zammarelli (Star)
  • Engagement with Customers and Users — Scott Brown (Fellow) and Davis Erin Anderson (Star)
  • Leadership and Change Management — Ann Cullen (Fellow) and Lisa Chow (Star)
  • Organizational Strategy — Chris Olson (Fellow) and Janel Kinlaw (Star)
  • Giving Back and Volunteering — Roberto Sarmiento (Fellow) and Moy McIntosh (Star)

User Experience (UX) Caucus Meeting
The UX Caucus, SLA’s newest caucus (formed in January 2011), met for the second time at this year’s SLA conference. Angela Schmeidel Randall, Gretchen McNeely, and I each talked about our work and experiences with usability and user experience.

Congrats to this year’s SLA awardees with a shout-out to fellow Pratt alum (Davis Erin Anderson and Moy McIntosh) on receiving this year’s SLA Rising Star award.

Future Ready
Last year’s SLA conference was in Philadelphia and SLA 2013 will be in San Diego.

That’s Impossible!

British model Lily Cole recently launched a social giving network,, with the Wikipedia co-founder. The site, based around a gifting economy concept, would allows users to help each other.

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Google gathering: Search engine is taking its quest for knowledge offline at a secluded British hotel

Lily Cole’s ‘Impossible’ network wants its users to help each other out

Everyday Usability: Reserving a Library Computer

We’ve found that computer reservation processes at many libraries can be quite complicated and confusing. Chicago Public Library does it right with task/action-oriented signage: “Reserve a Computer”.

However, we’re a bit confused by the Reservation #1, #2, #3. We’re pretty sure that it’s three reservation stations, but does it matter which one we use? Does using reservation #1 mean we get on a computer faster?

reserve computer at chicago public library

What are your experiences with reserving a computer?

How does reserving a computer work at your library?

What about experiences with using computers at places like Kinko’s or business centers in hotels?

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Accessibility – Stair Ramps

Attended a web accessibility webinar recently and saw this image for the slide: “Make accessibility sexy”. Rarely seen and interesting way of integrating stairs and ramps. Thoughts?

Ramps and Stairs