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Monthly Archives: November 2014

User Experience of Surveys

Screenshot 2014-10-01 at 6.15.30 AMLast month, I attended a webinar. Doing my post-webinar duty, I decided to complete the survey.

By rote, I quickly scanned the questions in bold and checked my answers.

With 3 questions left to go I realized that I had been checking the wrong answer!

By now, we’ve all probably completed hundreds of SurveyMonkey surveys.

By standard survey convention, I had gotten used to “Strongly agree” being the first choice followed by “Agree”, “Neither agree nor disagree” & so on.

Still feeling that it was my duty to complete the survey, I went back & changed my answers to all the previous questions.

This experience served as a lesson for me and hopefully future survey writers.

Meetup Groups – UX Book Clubs

uxbookclubThere are meetup groups for everything under the sun. Just discovered UX Book Club NYC recently. The group has been around since 2008 and they meet every two months. Check out their list of UX books on Goodreads. Find a UX book club in your area.

World Usability Day – 2014 Theme: Engagement

World Usability DayWorld Usability Day is November 13, 2014 and it’s about making life easy. This year’s theme is engagement.

“User Experience is all about engagement. Technology, products and services are usable when they engage people. At work we strive to engage with those around us—whether they’re users, colleagues, or stakeholders. It means getting people on board with an idea, earning trust, and working toward mutual goals. We all know how challenging that can be. This is the year to think out of the box. How can you engage people to use technology products and services? What kind of design thinking needs to be incorporated, to keep people engaged? How can you engage those outside our field, to understand the importance of a good user experience? Can we engage people to help changes those things that are not working well?”

There are many events happening around the world on November 13. For those in the NYC area, there’s the New York City User Experience Professionals Association (NYC UXPA).

Engagement can be challenging. We find that people are more engaged when they are involved in the process. You can involve people in the process, using a variety of methods and techniques. What do you think? How do you engage people at work, in projects, in everyday conversations, etc.? How do you engage your users, clients, or customers? How do you engage your blog readers?

Monthly Method Spotlight: Draw the Experience

Draw the Experience

draw the experienceWhen/why: Drawing an experience reveals how people conceive of and order their experiences or activities.

How: Invite participants to visualize an experience through drawings and diagrams.

Tips: This can be done formally or informally and even combined with other methods. Obviously, make sure to have various drawing supplies on-hand. Don’t let insufficient tools and materials limit the drawing experience.

Interested in using/applying these methods in your work? Contact us for more info.