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SLA 2012 in the Windy City: Conference Highlights from a SLA Rising Star

SLA 2012

SLA 2012 — Seeing people I’ve met at previous SLA conferences, meeting people in-person that I’m connected with on LinkedIn, and meeting completely new people. It was a good conference.

Rapid Fire Consultant Showcase
Consultant or not, information professionals or anyone for that matter, need to have their own pitch or elevator speech and be able to deliver it. Jan Sykes and Lorri Zipperer (the session organizers) provided an informal environment for attendees to deliver their pitches and get feedback from fellow attendees.
Resources to check out:

2012 SLA Fellows and Rising Stars Roundtable
This was the third annual SLA Fellows and Rising Stars Roundtable. This year’s umbrella roundtable topic is how technology has changed and has not changed the information profession, with sub-topics grouped by pairs. Each pair consisted of a Rising Star and a Fellow.
The line-up:

  • Search and Content Expertise — Ruth Kneale (Fellow) and Chris Zammarelli (Star)
  • Engagement with Customers and Users — Scott Brown (Fellow) and Davis Erin Anderson (Star)
  • Leadership and Change Management — Ann Cullen (Fellow) and Lisa Chow (Star)
  • Organizational Strategy — Chris Olson (Fellow) and Janel Kinlaw (Star)
  • Giving Back and Volunteering — Roberto Sarmiento (Fellow) and Moy McIntosh (Star)

User Experience (UX) Caucus Meeting
The UX Caucus, SLA’s newest caucus (formed in January 2011), met for the second time at this year’s SLA conference. Angela Schmeidel Randall, Gretchen McNeely, and I each talked about our work and experiences with usability and user experience.

Congrats to this year’s SLA awardees with a shout-out to fellow Pratt alum (Davis Erin Anderson and Moy McIntosh) on receiving this year’s SLA Rising Star award.

Future Ready
Last year’s SLA conference was in Philadelphia and SLA 2013 will be in San Diego.

SLA 2012: Picks from a SLA Rising Star

SLA 2012 is less than a month away. Here are some of my picks for this year’s SLA conference in Chicago:

sla 2012

Rising Stars and SLA Fellows Roundtable – Monday, July 16 @ 10am
Join us for the 3rd annual Rising Stars and SLA Fellows roundtable. Due to schedule conflicts, I wasn’t able to participate in last year’s roundtable. I’m looking forward to participating in this year’s.

Reinventing Library Skills – Monday, July 16 @ 4pm
Mary Talley will moderate a panel consisting of case studies and practical advice for transporting library skill sets to other areas of the LIS profession or entirely different careers.

Chocolate Reception – Monday, July 16 @ 8pm
It’s a reception with chocolate. There’s nothing more to say. I wonder if there will be chocolate ice cream – it is July in Chicago.

From Info Pro to Info Hero: 5 Easy Ways to Turn Information into Insight – Tuesday, July 17 @ 8am
Mary Ellen Bates will talk about five ways to provide more insight and value in what you send your clients.

Lincoln Park Networking Lunch – Tuesday, July 17 @ 12pm
Free lunch. Networking opportunity. Only wish: lunch in actual park.

User Experience Caucus Roundtable Meeting – Wednesday, July 18 @ 10am
Check out the newest caucus in SLA. This is the 2nd User Experience Caucus meeting.

More SLA 2012 picks.

Happy Birthday!

SLA 2011 Conference Highlights from a SLA Rising Star


SLA 2011 highlights:

Can you feel the LOVE?

Philly welcome banner

Philly shows its brotherly love and welcomes SLA 2011

thomas friedman

Thomas Friedman speaks at SLA General Opening Session

Takeaways from Friedman’s talk

1. Whatever can be done will be done. The question is will it be done by you or to you.

2. Being average is officially over. What’s your extra? Find it, develop it and exploit it.

sla rising stars

SLA Rising Star Award


Congrats to my fellow SLA Rising Stars and all SLA 2011 awardees!

Shout-outs to:

– Two Pratt SILS people – Clara Cabrera and Susan DiMattia

– My fellow panelists for “It’s All Hallway! An Unconference Approach to Professional Development” – Karen Huffman and Mary Talley Garcia

Elevator Speech Tips (Mary Ellen Bates)

1. Kill the “speech” – what you want to do is start/create a conversation.

2. “So, what do you do?” — Focus on why, not how or what.

convention center

SLA 2011: Pennsylvania Convention Center

Takeaways from Mary Ellen Bates’ talk on Info Pro Guerrilla Marketing

1. Create a brag-ologue.

2. Strut your stuff.

3. Build a 3D profile.

4. See yourself as a brand.

5. Work with fear.

SLA 2011: Picks from a SLA Rising Star


Here are some of my picks for SLA 2011:

Open House for Leadership & Management Division and Knowledge Management Division
Sunday, June 12 at 8pm-11pm

It’s All Hallway! An Unconference Approach to Professional Development
Monday, June 13 at 10am-11:30am
(Full disclosure: I’m the program organizer and one of the speakers.)

Elevator Speeches: How to Develop Them
Monday, June 13 at 4pm-5:30pm

SLA International Reception
Monday, June 13 at 6pm-7:30pm

Design Thinking for Better Libraries
Tuesday, June 14 at 10am-11:30am

User Experience (UX) Perspectives: Librarian, Publisher, Industry (First UX Caucus Meeting)
Tuesday, June 14 at 2pm-3pm