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Digital Universities

Recently, I read an article in The Guardian discussing university libraries providing more accessible services and collections for the growing “digital native” student body. While I agree that university libraries need to shift their emphasis from physical library space to the digital realm, I do think they should keep UX in mind. Not just usability of the platforms but consider UX from the beginning; do “digital natives” even want everything online? Are there content and services they would prefer in analog?

Which brings me to another recent article bringing up Google’s project to digitize millions of university library books. This was an incredibly ambitious project that started in 2002 that even the Google gods couldn’t achieve. But why should they? Again I ask, do users even need or want digital access to all the university holdings?

Since library resources are finite, perhaps we should first start with some UX studies (surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc) of the current and incoming university students to see what they want and expect from their university library.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic.

Top 10 Future Technologies Coming in 2015

As we greet the new year we are looking forward to another year in technological innovation. Check out this video of top future technologies for 2015.

Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation Course Wrap-up

Acumen, together with our company crush, offered a course this summer that introduced participants to the concepts of human-centered design and facilitated a project for hands-on practice of human-centered design principles.

This free 5-week course titled Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation equipped participants with the process and methods of human-centered design and had participant groups experiment with these concepts in a design challenge.  Each week we had a reading assignment followed by a workshop. The course also had a Google+ Community allowing participants from around the globe to share progress, ideas, photos, prototypes, etc. Even now people are creating partnerships for future projects on the Google+ forum.

This was a challenging and fun learning experience for us. We encourage you to take this course if it is ever offered again. Thank you Acumen and for offering this course!

How to Spring Clean Your Online Presence

SpringFlowers are blooming. Birds are chirping. Spring is here. It’s time to spring clean your online presence.

Here are some ways to get you started:

Update your LinkedIn profile.
Add new information (i.e. attended any classes/training recently?). Clean up your LinkedIn group memberships.

Update your e-portfolio.
Look for and fix broken links. (I just fixed some links on my e-portfolio. Some library associations and groups have recently launched redesigned websites, resulting in broken links.)

Google yourself and/or set a Google Alert.
What’s out there about you?

Field Trips: LinkedIn and Google

As you may know, we are fans of Google and LinkedIn. We use them in our work and talk about them in our leadership and career development presentations.


Recently, we went on field trips to the NYC offices of LinkedIn and Google. We started off a windy and rainy day with a tour of LinkedIn in the morning, followed by a tour of Google in the afternoon.

With LinkedIn’s open office design and relaxed, quiet atmosphere, it is clear why they are such a productive company.

Google’s office on the other hand is fun, social, and sophomoric. You can literally feel the buzz of exciting young minds working together in this powerhouse company.

Thanks LinkedIn and Google for enjoyable visits.