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Wandering Librarian: Book Nook at Reading Terminal Market

I was in Philly recently and made my usual stop at the Reading Terminal Market. In addition to a  few new restaurants & shops since the last time I was there, I noticed that there is a children’s reading corner called Book Nook, a partnership between Reading Terminal Market and the Free Library of Philadelphia.

There are a few Book Nook rules (such as take a book, leave a book) and a Book Nook storytime schedule (1st and 3rd Wednesday morning of each month). It’s good to see that libraries are finding ways of going beyond their buildings’ walls to provide library resources and services. Reminds me of Darien’s Library stash of books at the nearby MetroNorth train station; why not take a book to read on the train.

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Wandering Librarian: Darien Library

metropolitan new york library council logoAs METRO User Experience (UX) Special Interest Group (SIG) co-conveners, we organized a group tour of Darien Library and its UX department last week. A big thanks to Darien Library for the great tour and their hospitality!

Darien Library

This is our 3rd or 4th visit (we kinda lost track) to Darien Library and we’re continually impressed with what they’re doing. Of course, we may be a little biased cause we’ve got a crush on Darien. Learn more about Darien Library from Alex’s presentation (slide deck) at our February 2015 METRO UX SIG meeting.

Check out the photo slideshow of the tour.

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May 6th METRO UX SIG Meeting: Darien Library Tour

Darien LibraryJoin us for our next METRO User Experience (UX) Special Interest Group (SIG) meeting on Wednesday, May 6th where we’ll be getting a tour of Darien Library and its UX department.

Next METRO User Experience (UX) SIG Meeting: Darien UX Tour

metropolitan new york library council logoJoin us on Wednesday, May 6 from 10am-1pm for our next METRO UX SIG meeting at Darien Library where we’ll be a getting tour of the library with a focus on their UX department. Optional lunch and networking following the tour. For more info and to register.

Check out our posts about Darien Library. Yes, Darien is on our list of favorite libraries 🙂

Darien Library Revisited

darien_logoIn 2010, we took a sojourn to visit Darien Library and blogged about it. Several weeks ago I decided to drop in and see what they were up to.

A short list of some cool happenings:

  • a maker space in the children’s section
  • 3, 3-D printers of various sizes for public use (when I asked what people are actually making one librarian told me he created a part for his motorcycle)
  • a heavily used Bloomberg terminal
  • a giant touch screen that is a building map
  • plans for tech fair/petting zoo this fall
  • a sign at each desk with the name of the staff member there

On this vIMG_20140805_121516isit I had the opportunity to sit with John Blyberg (Assistant Director – Innovation and UX)  and his team to talk shop. Being one of  the only devoted UX departments I’ve seen in a library, I was curious about how they fit into the library and their roles.

A list of some of our talking points:
  • they see themselves as department of consultants, administration/staff consult with them on initiatives
  • they don’t want to force population into space, want to ask community how library can be extension of what they need
  • they take a passive approach & don’t push UX, wait to see what people want
  • it took 2-3 years to guide internal culture of library around social media & technology

If you’d like to know more about Darien’s UX department & what they’re up to read their annual report available at