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Bathroom Blogfest 2019 Wrap Up

Toilet Paper CartoonWe’ve reached the end of the roll. From “Where’s the bathroom?” to bathrooms with that extra touch of hospitality, we hope you enjoyed reading Bathroom Blogfest 2019 as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Bathroom Blogfest: Bathrooms with Hospitality

It’s nice when bathrooms go the extra mile with hospitality. Here are pictures of two bathrooms that feel homey and welcoming.


Bathroom Blogfest: Soap Dispensers

What do you think about the location of the soap dispenser? Is the trash bin right underneath the dispenser to catch the soap drips?


Bathroom Blogfest: The Sink’s Not Working

The sink’s not working I thought to myself. I know how a sink works. I then noticed the sign on the the mirror. “To activate water place hands close to faucet stem.” I never thought I would need instructions to wash my hands at a sink.

Note: Picture taken after hand washing 🙂

Bathroom Blogfest 2019

We’re back from a summer hiatus and just in time for Bathroom Blogfest 2019!

What is Bathroom Blogfest?

bathroom toiletThroughout the week, we’ll talk about the user experience of bathrooms. That’s right, bathrooms. We all use ’em. Some are your usual bathrooms, some are cool, and some are just downright confusing. This is our 8th year participating in Bathroom Blogfest. Please share your bathroom stories with us.

“During the annual Bathroom Blogfest, bloggers from around the globe write about the importance of bathrooms in the customer experience. Their posts come from a wide range of perspectives that include sociology, marketing, research, psychology, environmental, customer experience, and user-experience design.”

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