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HealthCampNYC: Using Collective Knowledge to Improve Health Literacy and Community Health was a regional health unconference for librarians, literacy professionals, public health professionals, medical professionals, community-based organizations and people interested in sharing with and learning from each other. Participants were expected to share their work, skills and knowledge as active participants. In the rich tradition of unconferences, attendees determined and managed program topics and sessions. This collaborative environment presented unique opportunities for learning, sharing, and relationship-building.


  • 85 attendees from the New York City metro and tri-state area attended the event
  • From February to May 14 (day of event), over 886 visitors from 222 cities visited the event wiki including non-US cities (Madrid, Abuja, Kashiwa, Auckland, Christchurch, Vancouver, Calgary, Prince Albert, Mount Pearl, Halifax, Castries). While the event was targeted at a specific geographic region, the interest in this topic and format is widespread. We had a few individuals ask us if there was a way to participate remotely.
  • During the four months after the event (May 15 – September 15), the event wiki was visited by over 260 visitors from 122 cities. The wiki continues to be a resource after the event.

Participant Comments

  • “We have formed 2 new partnerships as a result of the conference and were able to brainstorm more ideas for fundraising and securing support for worthy projects.”
  • “I enjoyed the free style, which allowed for a simultaneously broad and personalized perspective.”
  • “Great impact on the overall health conversation.”
  • “This was a great program. Thank you for volunteering time and resources to get us together and share ideas.”
  • “I edit an online publication, and am developing an article on cross-cultural barriers to mental health treatment, an idea I got at HealthCamp.”
  • “I began a new partnership with NYC DOH to conduct additional health screenings for community members for certain ailments.”
  • “Informative, collaborative and educational.”

More Information

See the HealthCampNYC event wiki.