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Career Strategy Tip – Prepare for An Uncertain Future By Second-Skilling

We recently read an interesting article titled “Could Singapore hold the secret to preparing workers for an uncertain future?” on

We talk about learning new skills and refreshing existing skills as part of one’s career strategy on our blog, in our presentations and workshops, etc.


This article talks about second-skilling. “In today’s economy, second-skilling — developing your skills in a sector other than the one you work in — is necessary for career resiliency; it gives you options and flexibility. That second skill can either complement the skills you’re already using in your current job, or offer a completely alternative path.”

Incorporate second-skilling as part of your career strategy. What would you second-skill in?


Standing Status Meetings

Standing-MeetingPart of our work is helping organizations improve organizational effectiveness and performance. We were recently asked how to improve team communication. We’ve shared tips on how to run effective meetings (we’re big on walk & talk meetings).

We recommended trying 10-15 minute standing check-in meetings with your team. During these standing status meetings, team members would check in with each other (i.e. what are you working on, what issues are you running into, what resources do you need, etc.).

Have you tried standing meetings? How did they work out?

Read more on Wikipedia about stand-up meetings.

Top Five Tips for Running Effective Meetings

meetings cartoon

Now that summer has ended, your schedule is probably filling up with lots of meetings. Here are our top five tips for running effective meetings:

  1. The Three D’s: Discuss, Decide, Do. 
  2. Walk and Talk. Walking meetings are when some of our best ideas and aha moments come to us.
  3. Have a (realistic) meeting agenda. 
  4. Parking lot it. Have an issue that can’t be resolved right now or needs more information, parking lot it for the future.
  5. Have a designated notetaker.