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Wandering Librarian: Valladolid, Yucatan

On a recent family vacation to Mexico, I of course had to visit a library in the town of Valladolid where we were staying. Unfortunately, the Dia de la Revolucion meant the public library was closed. Downtrodden, I stumbled upon an English library next to Casa Hamaca where we were staying.  I spoke with the German volunteer about the library. Turns out it was a library for the English classes taught for free by volunteers. Speaking more with the owner of the Casa Hamaca, I was told that the library was cataloged by a volunteer librarian. (I had wondered how and why the collection was ordered under the Dewey System).

The conversation went further into the need for more English materials and also the problem of getting updated materials to the outlying Mayan villages. Hmmmm, future project for us?