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December 8th Online Conference – Driving Library Change with User Experience Design

Join us on December 8th at 3PM EST for “From UX Study to UX Service: Using People-Centered Research Methods to Improve the Public Library Experience” at the Driving Library Change with User Experience Design online conference.

Learn about how a user experience (UX) study on a self-service model led to the development of Book a Librarian, a personalized reference service model in the 5th largest public library in the United States. We will share the various methods used (word association, fly on the wall observations, etc) to evaluate the self-service model, analyze user interactions in the library, and identify gaps in library services. We will also share how we used user-centered research and design to plan and implement Book a Librarian service from start to finish. We will share how and where the UX approach fits into project management and also the various UX design methods used.


Intro to UX Design (Online)

general-assemblyIf you are looking for an introduction to UX design, check out General Assembly’s Intro to UX Design(Online).

This class will take you through the principles of UX (User Experience) – including both research and design – using a practical, hands-on approach.


  • Discover what the field of UX encompasses and how it relates to other disciplines.
  • See how applying UX principles can improve and elevate a product.
  • Learn about the different UX roles and the opportunities within the job market.

When: September 24, 2015
Time: 7-8pm EDT
Where: Online
Price: $15