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Let’s Play A (Sustainability) Card Game

Can you design a refrigerator that discourages food waste or a tea kettle that only boils the amount of water people need?

Could the design of a refrigerator influence users to throw out less food?

Leyla Acaroglu, recent TED Talk speaker, aims to make people think about how the choices they make on a daily basis affect the environment. In her talk, she discusses four bits of “environmental folklore,”  including the idea that it’s more environmentally sound to opt for the paper bag over the plastic one. Through a sustainability design card game, she aims to get individuals and companies looking at the full life cycle of products in order to make decisions that can actually affect change. Read more and freely download the DIY sustainability design print and play cards.

How green can you get?

bullitt centerHow green can you get?

Claiming to be the greenest commercial building in the world, the Bullitt Center in Seattle has features that can make anyone green with envy.

The Bullitt Center is attempting to become certified as a Living Building. Part of the requirements is that the building be self-sufficient for energy and water for at least 12 continuous months.

Hopefully the Bullitt Center meets the Living Building challenge and we look forward to watching its progress.