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Wandering Librarian: Stonington Free Library

IMG_20150620_142252On a summer weekend road trip, I decided to visit the library in the historical and quaint seaside town of Stonington, CT. Located in the middle of the town’s park, the library is exactly what you would expect of a small town library. Packing an admirably large collection into a small space, the library carries all the basics that any library should; fiction, nonfiction, YA material, children’s material, CDs, DVDs, ebooks, etc. Additionally, the library houses the local historical & genealogy society. IMG_20150620_142355

Lacking space for a cafe that has become  integral to libraries today, Stonington has thoughtfully provided a coffee maker & charges $1/pod. With a quiet seating area for sipping your brew & reading, Stonington Free Library has successfully created a comfortable environment for patrons.