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Maximize LinkedIn

linkedinHave you ever noticed that LinkedIn seems to have new tools and features popping up everyday?

On a related note, LinkedIn announced last week that they now have 100 million members. Imagine the possibilities and opportunities for connecting, creating and collaborating.

Here are some tips and tools we’ve discovered:

  • Get recommendations on LinkedIn. It enhances your profile and serves as a good litmus test for when you need references for job applications. Don’t forget to give recommendations as well.
  • Be the first to see job postings and updates by following companies & organizations of interest.
  • Connect with contacts on LinkedIn after meeting them at conferences.
  • Add language, technology and other skills to your profile.
  • Join and participate in groups of interest. You can create groups as well.
  • Add upcoming events to your profile.
  • Make use of the headline in your profile by branding yourself, don’t just put your job title.
  • Use applications such as Slideshare to share your presentations.

How do you use LinkedIn?

Our Top 10 Free Tools 2010

Here are our top 10 free tools (listed in no particular order) that we used this year:

  1. LinkedIn – A great tool to maintain and expand your professional network. Also, another place for job postings.
  2. Blogs: Blogger, WordPress – Blogging is a great way to share your thoughts and ideas. You can also use a blog to create your e-portfolio.
  3. PDFonline – Convert your Word documents to PDF. Size limitations.
  4. Google tools: Analytics – Track and analyze site visits, Calendar – Use it everyday or for specific events like conferences (unfortunately, many conference planners aren’t very user-friendly), Docs – work collaboratively on reports and presentations without the confusion of multiple versions, Sites – Quick and easy way to build a website. We used it to create our e-portfolios.
  5. Delicious – While the future of Delicious is unknown given the recent news, it is a great tool for bookmarking and accessing your favorite and/or useful sites.
  6. – Shorten a URL, share the link and track the clicks.
  7. Slideshare – Share your presentation slides online.
  8. Wikis: PBworks, Wetpaint – Useful for collaborative work, sharing of ideas and resources and project management. We used Wetpaint for HealthCampNYC. Lesson learned: some organizations block access to these sites. Also, Wetpaint had been acting funny. We’ve used PBworks for committee work.  
  9. Wordle – Create word clouds for presentations, reports, etc. Just dump in the text. 
  10. Meebo – Integrates all social networks and communications channels into a one-stop location that allows real time communication.

Last month at NYPL, we talked to the NY Librarians Meetup Group about how these tools can help your library career. We do presentations on a range of professional and career development topics. If you would like us to do a presentation for your group, please contact us.

Free Web Tools For Your Library Career

Yesterday, we presented “Using Free Web Tools to Build Your Library Career” at the NYPL Mulberry Street Library.