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When a sign isn’t doing its job.

IMG_20150619_233345On a trip to Mohegan Sun, this sign was spotted:

It’s not far fetched to guess the result of this sign; the non-smoking area is now the smoking area.

As these are the only ashtrays to be found off the gambling area, patrons gather around for a smoke; quickly making this sign ineffectual.

Any recommendations for how this can be fixed?


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Ice Cream Cones

Every summer, like anyone else, we look forward to ice cream.  The only thing we don’t look forward to is trying to decipher the different cone options, especially when each establishment has its own name for the different cones.

This week some customer minded (or exasperated from repeating the same answer daily) employee finally created some signage.  We can finally make our cone selections confidently.  Thank you for this homemade but helpful sign.

Let’s just hope they do this again next summer.