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Everyday Usability: Vending Machines

Did you ever try to buy a snack from a vending machine, only to have it stuck somewhere in the dispenser ring and maybe you try to shake or kick the machine in an attempt to get the snack you paid for?

This brings the classic vending machine scenario to a whole new level. I passed by this vending machine in a Boston subway station. I don’t know if shaking or kicking the machine will do anything. There’s no way to tell if the snack is stuck or the system is glitched, or both. I hope the person got their snack or money back. ~ Lisa

Vending Machine

I also had a vending machine experience, albeit a positive one.  I was sitting at Heathrow Airport waiting for my connecting flight and saw this amazingly convenient vending machine.  For about  £4 –  £10 travelers can wait for their flight with a good book. ~ Sandra

Book vending machine

What’s your vending machine story?

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