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Wandering Librarian: The Newberry

Now settled into my new home, I’ve taken to wandering the libraries of the Second City. You can’t come here without visiting the Newberry Library; Chicago’s independent research library. Open since 1887, the Newberry’s impressive collection is open and free to the public. Unfortunately, I wandered in on a day the stacks were close. I did, however, get the chance to talk with one of the curators. I learned that Mr. Newberry’s original collection was destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire, including an original draft of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.

Even with the loss of the original collection, the Newberry’s holdings of 1.6 million books, 600,000 maps, 1 million postcards and 5 million pages of manuscripts still boggle the mind. All of this is searchable with their online catalog.

The library also has a gallery where they exhibit a rotation of items from their stacks. In fact, I enjoyed their Melville: Finding America at Sea exhibit displaying their impressive collection of Melville’s works in honor of the 200th anniversary of Melville’s birth.

If you ever find yourself in the Second City, please fit it time for the Newberry Library.

Monthly Method Spotlight: Starbursting


When/why: Bombard an idea or topic with questions to provide valuable brainstorming insight. This is a useful tool for helping you to understand all aspects and options fully.

How: Brainstorm questions starting with each of the question words. Don’t try to answer any of the questions as you go along. Instead, concentrate on thinking up as many questions as you can.

Tips: Approach this tool systematically and create a list under each question word as you go around the 5 points.

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Monthly Method Spotlight Continues

Happy 2015!

new year

Since 2013, we have shared one people-centered method each month. We will be continuing our Monthly Method Spotlight for the 3rd year.

We’ll go over What, When/Why and How.

Stay tuned for our first method of the year in February.

Monthly Method Spotlight: Secondary Research

Top-10-Tips-to-Writing-a-Research-PaperSecondary Research

When/why: Desk research, the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research, is an important preliminary step for informing your own research.

How: Review published articles, papers and other documents to determine what is already known and what new data you require.

Tips: It’s easy to get mired down by the sheer amount of research available. It may help to compose a list of specific information you require before you begin your research.

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Did You Wikipedia It?

Wikipedia, the people’s encyclopedia.