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I’m not sure if a book was intended to be used this way….

Recently, as Amazon announced over 13,000 free Kindle books available at your local library, I began to wonder if perhaps the doomsday prediction of the end of the books was in fact coming true. Then I saw this……

Door StopA couple questions crossed my mind:

1. Is this the future of books?

2. Should I be sad that a book has been demoted to door stopper?

3. Should I be happy that a book has been promoted to door stopper thereby exhibiting the multipurpose uses of a book?

4. Should I condemn whomever chose to violate the original intent of a book like this?

5. Should I admire the resourcefulness & ingenuity of whomever decided to put it there?

Truthfully reader, I’m in a conundrum and can use your opinion before I decide.