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Library Career Transitions, Consulting, and Coming Full Circle

IMG_1231I (my partner in crime couldn’t make it) enjoyed speaking about our consulting work at the last month’s panel discussion on Career Transitions for Librarians: Proven Strategies for Transitioning to Another Type of Library, organized by SLA-NY and hosted by Baruch College. There were lots of interesting discussions and conversations about library career transitions, career strategies, and trends. It was great to meet new faces and reconnect with old ones.

The whoa! moment that evening was when I first stepped into the room where the panel was going to take place. It hit me that this was the same exact room that Sandra and I were in for a SLA-NY Future Ready event back in 2011 where we decided to get creative with our name tags and put aspiring consultant. Five years later, I was in the very same room, talking about how we got into consulting. Talk about coming full circle.

Happy PI Day!

pi-dayIt’s Pi(e) Day!

Whether you’re celebrating the day with baking and/or eating pie or reciting the numbers in Pi after 3.14 (of course), for us, we’re also celebrating People Interact.

Our 200th Blog Post and More

Just noticed recently that we’ve written 190+ blog posts. Not only is this our 200th blog post, it has been 3 years since our first blog post which is about Darien Library in CT, which we just visited again last month. This has been a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy reading our blog as much as we enjoy writing it.

To celebrate, here are some pictures of our recent Darien Library visit (a picture is worth a thousand words), followed by a list of our top 25 blog posts.

Reads for Your Ride Courtesy of Darien Library

Reads for Your Ride Courtesy of Darien Library. Shelf of books at the Darien MetroNorth train station. Take a book, leave a book.

Darien library book display signage

Darien Library book display signage. “Graphic Novels – Comics aren’t just for kids.” “Non-fiction: Just because it’s true doesn’t mean it’s boring.” “Oh! I’ve always wanted to read that book.” “Patron picks – You’ve read our staff picks – now it’s your turn! Find a book you love and add it to this display.”

LCD screens showing circulation stats and photos of library staff

LCD screens showing circulation stats “how busy are we today?” and photos of library staff

Librarian Favorite bookmarks

Librarian Favorite bookmarks

Catalog at-time-of-need, browsing and searching, standing table for flipping through books

Catalog at-time-of-need, browsing and searching, standing table for flipping through books

Our top 25 blog posts of all time (well since October 2010):

  1. Accessibility – Stair Ramps
  2. E-Portfolios: Webinar Recap, Tools, and Resources
  3. Everyday Usability: Library Cards
  4. New ADA Interior Signage Rules
  5. Tablet vs Laptop
  6. 15 Free Ebooks about User Experience and Interface Design
  7. DIY Usability & User Experience Workshop at METRO on April 26th
  8. Bathroom Blogfest 2011 – Konnichiwa
  9. Summer Reading Booklist
  10. SLA 2011 Conference Highlights from a SLA Rising Star
  11. Everyday Usability: Portable Library
  12. Using E-Portfolios to Showcase Your Work, Experience and Skills
  13. Kudos to Lisa!
  14. Everyday Usability: Book Carts
  15. Kindle Help Me Choose: Part Deux
  16. Are YOU T-Shaped?
  17. German Traces NYC – Guest Post by Jill Goldstein
  18. Our Bookshelf: The DRM-free Ebook Lending Social Network – Guest Post by Greg Belvedere
  19. Everyday Usability: Vending Machines
  20. Google Does It Again!
  21. DC: The Most User Friendly City in America?
  22. Everyday Usability: Subway Poles
  23. I’m Not Job Hopping, I’m Job Shopping
  24. Is Your Library People-Focused?
  25. Everyday Usability: Reserving a Library Computer

Happy Birthday!

It’s PI Day!


It’s pi day.

There’s a growing number of pi-related posts, so we’re going to focus on a different PI — us — People Interact.

Here are 3.14 (rounded down to 3) things about PI:

1. What’s the story with PI?

Since developing and completing our people-centered design project in 2008, we learned that there are two crucial aspects in usability: 1) people and 2) interactions. When brainstorming for names for our consulting gig, we came up with People Interact (PI). Read more about our project.

2. Who’s behind PI?

There are two of us behind PI. “Partners in crime”, we’re sometimes called.  Other times, “peas in a pod”.  We’re always scheming and coming up with all sorts of ideas. Find out more about us.

3. What’s the purpose of PI?

Using a people-centered holistic, systems-thinking approach, we assist with individual and organizational performance. Contact us for more info.