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Gathering Feedback: What is the Purpose of Your Visit Today?

I visited the Mutter Museum during my recent trip to Philly and I noticed the museum’s fun and simple way of gathering feedback via the use of the visitor tag.

Directions: drop your visitor tag into one of the four lab flasks below and let us know: Why did you come to the museum today?

Flasks: Class trip/group trip, On a date, Visiting Philadelphia/bucket list, and None of the above.

It’s a simple and easy way of getting feedback, especially in this increasingly survey-fatigued world. It’s also a way to collect and reuse/recycle the visitor tags.

One suggestion: empty the “Visiting Philadelphia” flask (in this case) since it seems pretty full and may affect/influence future responses (i.e. visitors may drop it in another flask because the one they would select is full).