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December 8th Online Conference – Driving Library Change with User Experience Design

Join us on December 8th at 3PM EST for “From UX Study to UX Service: Using People-Centered Research Methods to Improve the Public Library Experience” at the Driving Library Change with User Experience Design online conference.

Learn about how a user experience (UX) study on a self-service model led to the development of Book a Librarian, a personalized reference service model in the 5th largest public library in the United States. We will share the various methods used (word association, fly on the wall observations, etc) to evaluate the self-service model, analyze user interactions in the library, and identify gaps in library services. We will also share how we used user-centered research and design to plan and implement Book a Librarian service from start to finish. We will share how and where the UX approach fits into project management and also the various UX design methods used.


Monthly Method Spotlight: Ethnographic Research


When/why: Ethnography is the branch of anthropology that involves trying to understand how people live their lives.

How: Ethnographic research is mainly done by visiting the consumer’s home. The main idea is that you are observing people on their terms.

Tips: Many of the methods we covered in previous posts can be considered ethnographic research techniques (e.g. a day in the life, shadowing, behavioral archaeology, etc.) The Harvard Business Review has a great article explaining ethnographic research.

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Choose the Right Innovation Method at the Right Time

anendtoendinnovationNathan Furr and Jeff Dyer posted an a great article recently the Harvard Business Review on choosing innovation methods. The article gives a simple explanation complete with diagrams of the innovation process. While innovation tools come with many different names, Furr & Dyer point out commonality of these tools being used to manage uncertainty. The article goes through each step of the innovation process with real life stories. This article is a definite read and helps bring us back to basics when we get lost in the glut of innovation stories, articles, books, etc.

Monthly Method Spotlight: Parallel Design

building-modelParallel Design

When/why:  A design methodology that involves several designers pursuing the same effort simultaneously, but independently, with the intention to combine the best aspects of each for the ultimate solution.

How: A type of prototyping that can be done by users. Ask users to come up with creative solutions to the issue being addressed. Provide them with basic materials such as pen, pencils, paper, crayons, etc.

Tips: Remember to have users design in separate areas so that they are not influencing each other.

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Monthly Method Spotlight: Task and Error Analysis

Hand drawing chart in whiteboardTask and Error Analysis

When/why: Task and error analysis is a useful way to reveal issues in a process or workflow.

How: Write down/draw out all the necessary & optional steps and possible errors involved in a process or workflow.

Tips: Use post-it notes to easily rearrange steps as necessary to improve process or workflow.

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