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Everyday Usability: Adaptive Services at DC Public Library

I recently visited the Adaptive Services Division at DC Public Library (DCPL) and talked with staff about their programs, services and resources.

Accessibility is a part of usability.

Adaptive Services Division
The Adaptive Services Division at DCPL helps people with disabilities better use the library.

Talking Book Machine

Talking Book Machine (Image Source: Library of Congress)

Adaptive Technologies
Adaptive technologies are available at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library and a selection of technologies is at the branches. See the full list of adaptive technologies.

The staff showed me some of the adaptive technologies, including the talking book player that reads books aloud. The player is available for checkout.

Programs at DCPL Adaptive Services
Accessibility DC meetup meets on the third Tuesday of every month and is for people who are interested in accessibility to get together and share. This meetup came about from AccessibilityCampDC, an unconference on web accessibility. Accessibility NYC meetup is coming soon.

There’s an upcoming free event: Citywide Assistive Technology Expo for Intellectual Disabilities on Saturday, April 28 at DC Public Library. For more info and to register.

Learn more about DCPL Adaptive Services. If you are ever in the DC area and want to learn more about accessibility, be sure to check out the Adaptive Services Division at DCPL.

Thanks to the staff at DCPL Adaptive Services for taking the time to talk with me.