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IFLA Conference Registration: A Bad and Frustrating User Experience

I was pretty excited about attending and presenting at my first IFLA conference until it was time to register for the conference. I’ve registered for many conferences in the past few years and I have to say I had such a bad and frustrating user experience that I feel the need to share for two reasons: venting (I’m human, after all) and improving usability and user experience (I’m hoping that this bad user experience leads to IFLA and other organizations/groups to improve the usability of their conference registration/payment processes).

After creating an online profile, the online registration system asked me to choose a currency: USD or EUR. I selected USD currency.



It then prompted me to pick a logo for the credit card, in which the AMEX logo is one of the choices. I selected AMEX and proceeded to the next screen to input payment info.



After submitting the payment info, I got an error message. I tried re-submitting the payment info several times and it still didn’t work. I then contacted IFLA conference registration about the error message in which I attached a screenshot of the error message with my email; I was immediately told that if I’m having problems with online registration, I should use the paper form.

It wasn’t until insisting on finding out what the online registration issue is, I was then told they can’t take AMEX with USD currency. The online registration system should have been designed to not show AMEX as an option if the USD currency is selected and should have a note that says they can’t take AMEX with USD currency.

I was told afterwards that there is a note that says they can’t take AMEX with USD currency. However, the note isn’t very prominent. I missed it. It could be easily missed by others as well.


At that point (it was a week before the conference) and without any travel and lodging arrangements (I was waiting for conference registration to be completed first), I decided it was best to forgo this year’s IFLA conference. I was really looking forward to attending and presenting at my first IFLA conference.


IFLA New Librarians Global Connection Webinar Recap

Last week, as part of my summer plan to prevent brain drain, I attended one of IFLA’s webinar in the“New Librarians Global Connection: best practices, models and recommendations” series.

For the third consecutive year, IFLA Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning and IFLA New Professionals Special Interest Group are partnering with the American Library Association to present a series of free quarterly webinars on issues of interest to new librarians, library associations and library schools, library-decision makers, and all library workers. 

This hour long webinar featured 3 speakers from Denmark, Singapore and Mexico; each presenting on a different library trends. The first speaker spoke on leadership and technology and innovation with subtopics of MOOCs – in a learning perspective, wellness, library trends, digital libraries. This one was a bit of a handful for the 15-20 minutes he was allotted. The second speaker presented on the fascinating topic of increasing discovery as a way to bring outside users into the library; mainly via recommendation tools on library catalogs & databases. The final speaker touched on internet censorship, freedom of expression, infodiversity and why it is important for new librarians and students to be aware of freedom of expression and privacy.

While I found some of the presentations interesting and new, I had a difficult time digesting the webinar as a whole since the topics were unrelated and disjointed. Perhaps revolving the webinars around a central theme would improve the continuity of the webinars. Overall, certainly educational.

To listen to the recording of this webinar and others in the series visit