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SparkTruck is on its way to NYC!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…’s  

Jumping on the bandwagon, errr truck wagon, SparkTruck delivers education on wheels.  Traveling across the USA with 21st-century shop tools, SparkTruck is on a mission to spread the fun of hands-on learning.

Keep an eye out, NYC – SparkTruck is due in the New York metro area, September 23-30.

rEDesign Education

While the nation has recognized the need for public education reform, students at the University of Michigan have decided to take matters into their own hands. Looking to reshape K-12 education from the bottom up, the student group rEDesign are seeking input from students. Let your voice be heard. Tweet your ideas to #rEDesignMyEdu @umichrEDesign.

Take the Green Elevator…A Recap of World Usability Day 2011 in NYC

“Hi, I’m here for the 6pm World Usability Day event.” After getting my photo badge, I was told “Take the green elevator to the 6th floor.” Not really understanding what she meant, I headed towards the elevators.

Turns out there is a light above each elevator. Saw a red light, then a green light (the doors closed before I could get on). Got on another green elevator. I was guessing that green meant the elevator goes up and the red meant the elevator goes down. It wasn’t until I was leaving that it hit me, the colors represent the stock price changes (green = up, red = down).

NYC UPA World Usability Day 2011

Interesting and inspiring talks on education, design, social change and usability by Mark Randall, Asi Burak, Michelle Mullineaux, Whitney Quesenbery, Katrin Verclas, Irina Lee and Tyler Mintz. Here’s a recap of the NYC UPA World Usability Day 2011 event:

  • “Create, Don’t Hate.” New York – “Create! Don’t Hate. is a Design Ignites Change youth mentoring initiative that guides you through the process of designing of a billboard around the theme of tolerance. “
  • Impact: Design for Social Change, School of Visual Arts – Six-week intensive program with two tracks: 1) social entrepreneurship and educate students on how to conceive, execute and fund their own projects for social change; 2) participate in the development and execution of a team project that addresses a pressing need for a New York City-based non-profit organization.
  • Once you design something, how do you know if the design works? The idea of embedded design. – Mark Randall
  • First Person American – “First Person American focuses on stories of modern immigrants in the US, and explore what it means to be American through the lens of the immigrant in an expressive, personal and narrative style.
  • Games for Change – Development of social impact games like Half the Sky, 9 Minutes and Worm Attack.
  • DesigNYC – “We connect civic-minded designers with extraordinary nonprofits serving the public good.
  • There are a lot of think tanks, what about do tanks. Just start doing. – Michelle Mullineaux
  • People do quality checks, but not usability checks. – Whitney Quesenbery

Well said and so true! Reminds me of our usability study of a library’s new service model – yes, the self check out machines work (quality check) but are they usable and how does the implementation of these machines affect the overall service model of the library and the library user experience (usability check)?

Did you attend or participate in World Usability Day? Please share your experiences & stories in the comments below.

World Usability Day 2011

November 10th is World Usability Day.

“It’s about making our world work better. It’s about “Making Life Easy” and user friendly. Technology today is too hard to use. A cell phone should be as easy to access as a doorknob. In order to humanize a world that uses technology as an infrastructure for education, healthcare, transportation, government, communication, entertainment, work and other areas, we must develop these technologies in a way that serves people first…”

This year’s theme is Education: Designing for Social Change.

World Usability Day 2011

There will be events around the world. For those in the NYC area, check out the event organized by the NYC Usability Professionals’ Association (UPA).