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Bathroom Blogfest 2013: That’s a Wrap!

Toilet Paper CartoonFrom how to flush to hooking up in the bathroom, we hope you enjoyed reading Bathroom Blogfest 2013 as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Bathroom Blogfest 2013: No More Wet Hands

dyson airblade hand dryerHow many times have you left the bathroom surreptitiously wiping your hands on your clothes because the paper towel dispenser was empty or because you didn’t have 20 minutes to devote to holding your hands under the weak hand dryer?

Dyson, of famed Dyson ball vacuums, has a product to make your public restroom experience better. Slowly running your hands through 420 mph sheets of air to wick the water off, the Airblade is fast and easy.

Hopefully, your next public bathroom experience will include the Airblade.

Bathroom Blogfest 2013: No hooking up in the bathroom!

If you got excited by the title of this post…get your mind out of the gutter!

This post is about one of my biggest bathroom pet peeves, broken door hooks on stall doors; or even worse, no hooks on the stall door. If you’re like me, you usually enter the public restroom bogged down with multiple bags and to your consternation enter the stall and find you either have to place your bags on the dirty floor or somehow juggle bags while doing your thing.

One day, while shopping in a mall, I took a bathroom break and to my delight found no hooks but instead an entire shelf in my stall. Thank you to the designer of this bathroom for having the foresight to build a shelf in the stall knowing that the users would be carrying shopping bags.

bathroom blogfest

bathroom shelf

Bathroom Blogfest 2013: How Do I Flush?

This was at a conference last year. It sounds crazy, unbelievable, and even somewhat embarrassing (I just have to remind myself that it’s not me, it’s bad usability). After using the bathroom, the next step is to flush, but I couldn’t figure out how to flush. After a few seconds of searching and looking around, I found the “Push to flush” button on the side wall of the bathroom stall. Bathroom "push to flush" button

Have you had any crazy bathroom moments?

Bathroom Blogfest 2013

bathroom toiletIt’s Bathroom Blogfest. Throughout the week, we’ll talk and share stories about the user experience of bathrooms. That’s right, bathrooms. This is our 3rd year participating in Bathroom Blogfest. We would love to hear your stories – please share.

“During the annual Bathroom Blogfest, bloggers from around the globe write about the importance of bathrooms in the customer experience. Their posts come from a wide range of perspectives that include sociology, marketing, research, psychology, environmental, customer experience, and user-experience design.”

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