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Wandering Librarian: New Canaan Library

library1Fall is here, this means it’s back to school and story time. As a new mom, New Canaan Library was one of my first story times as a participant and not the librarian. The librarian thoughtfully projects the songs and rhymes for newbies like myself to sing karaoke style.

It isn’t just the high quality programs like their outdoor-knit-a-thon or talk by Pulitzer Prize winning author Dr. Aimee Pozorski that make this a great library. Or their tech features like their Library Anywhere App, wireless onsite printing and MakerLab. Or even their impressive gallery space/study space.

This small and quaint library screams $$$. From their simple but navigate-able website to the fish tank in their children’s room to their MakerLab. But money alone isn’t enough to create a great user experience. New Canaan takes pride in their library and it shows.


The New LinkedIn Profile

You may have heard that there is a new LinkedIn profile rolling out.  Eventually all LinkedIn members will get the new profile. I just got my new LinkedIn profile yesterday (see screenshot).

New LinkedIn Profile

As you may know, Sandra and I are big fans of LinkedIn, but I’m not sure how I feel about the recent LinkedIn change. I like that the new LinkedIn profile is more visual with icons for the various headings/categories (experience, courses, education, publications, etc.) and you can now add links under your job positions, education and a few other sections, but along with this release of the new profile, LinkedIn has streamlined their app offerings, which means apps like SlideShare presentations and WordPress, will no longer be supported. Apps like SlideShare and WordPress are how I share my presentation slides and blog posts with my LinkedIn network.

What do you guys think of the new LinkedIn profile?

EDIT (12/12/12): It seems like my SlideShare presentations are now a part of my professional gallery in the Summary section, so it’s not entirely gone, but what if I upload a new presentation to Slideshare, will it display in the gallery? Also, I’ve activated my LinkedIn profile with WordPress’ Publicize, so WordPress blog posts now show up as status updates, but not also in an app like before.

EDIT (12/14/12): I just noticed my Amazon reading list is not displayed. I’ve made connections with people who have a mutual interest in particular book titles. I’m wondering if it’s gone for good. I miss the apps.

Now There’s An App For That

This app is too amazing for words.

Just check it out.

Now There’s An App For That

Just found out that there is now an app for IDEO Method Cards: 51 Ways to Inspire Design. The deck of 51 cards is a great tool for brainstorming and exploring ways that focus on people-centered design. We first heard about IDEO and its method cards in our People-Centered Methods and Design course at Pratt. Since then, we have been using this tool in our usability projects and workshops. More information about the cards can be found here.