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Designing My Life: Good Time Journal

If you’ve been following along, I’ve decided to design my life following Burnett & Evans book.

After creating my Health/Work/Play/Love Dashboard  and Building My Compass, I next created my Good Time Journal.


Over a period of 3 weeks I kept a daily log of my activities. Admittedly I did the haggard-stay-at-home-mom-to-kids-under-4 version; whenever I can remember and/or have time.

Next came time for a reflection of my logs. I looked for trends in my log and attempted to get more specific about what does or does not engage me.

I used the suggested AEIOU method to help with the reflection part.

A: Activities – structured/unstructured, leader/participant, what was I actually doing?

E: Environment- inside/outside, what kind of place was it? how did it make me feel?

I: Interactions – with people/machines, informal/formal, new/familiar

U: Users- who else was I with? what role did  they play in my experience?

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